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Charged $200 to repair and it worked two days

A local repair shop replaced the screen, charging port, and put a new battery in my phone. I was told there was some water damage inside but that those components were replaced.

I used it for two days although it seemed just a little sluggish. It still preformed any thing i needed it to. I had it in a thick Life proof case with built in charging backup. I charged it twice. The third time i charged i, when i checked it later it would not come back on. I tried the hard restart no luck. The case charged but the phone is dead.

The girl at the repair shop checked it out and, said she tried replacing everything again and, it still would not come back on. Claims it may have burnt up the motherboard.

I will get the phone back today and, put it on itunes to see if i can still see inside it.

I'm out $200. for nothing. All she will do is give me $20. off if i need a future repair.

Any suggestions?

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Water damaged phones are always a risky repair. They should always be properly decontaminated first. In my shop, if the phone needs a lot of new modular components (screen, battery, cameras etc.) following water damage, I generally don't recommend it to customers as the cost quickly supersedes the value of the device. The types of water damaged phones that have a better chance of long term success are those in which the damage is fairly localized on the logic board, for example the backlight or LCD circuit or the classic C5202 on the iPhone 6. Once you get into large scale corrosion, the device is more suited to a data recovery focus.

That said, every device and customer is unique. It sounds like you either weren't properly explained the risks or you didn't fully understand them (or maybe the shop was in over their heads).


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Out of warranty repairs at Apple are about $350. Now that everything is replaced, take it apple and they will swap it for a refurbished for $350, which is cheaper than buying a new iPhone.


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If it had water damage, I am shocked she even touched it. iPhones have built in water exposure indicators, and if they show water exposure, many shops (including Apple) won't touch them. As far as what you should do, maybe look at another iPhone. If you used iCloud backup or backed up to a PC/MAC using iTunes, then it is a pretty easy transition.


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