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LG TV (43UF770V) video playback problem


I've got video playback problem on my LG TV - 43UF770V. I can't play video from

any source ( Live TV, IPTV, Amazon, Youtube...).

Block Image

Sound is working ,TV menu is working, I can surf on internet but can't play video.

I've done some googling and I thought that I found the problem - T-Con board, but

I was wrong. I bought new one and I have replaced it, but problem remains.

Any ideas what it could be ?

Additional images:

  • Power board:

Block Image

  • Mainboard:

Block Image

  • T-Con board:

Block Image

  • Web browser:

Block Image

  • YouTube in web browser:

Block Image

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Hi @nxs0 ,

Have you tried different signal input connection types, i.e. HDMI, Composite, Co-ax, USB even (video on a USB stick), from your signal sources?

Yes I’ve tried.

I used that TV as second screen for my computer and I’ve got TV recordings on USB stick with same result - no video just audio. I can play music from Plex playlist through HDMI ARC connected to Philips sound base.

@nxs0 " I can surf on internet but can't play video." does that mean you get the images, text etc. while surfing?

Check your settings and check your menus. Let us know what your settings are. Follow this and see if that connects your apps

I'd sugest you disconnect all inputs. Then just connect one input. Use your regular cable (coax) and connect only that. What do you get now.

Post an image of all of your boards with your question. Use this guide 在已经存在的问题里加入图片 for that. It will allow us to see what you see.

How do you have your TV hooked up? did it ever work for you and it just stopped all of a sudden?

I've disconnected all inputs than connected and disconnected one-by-one HDMI, SCART, aerial. Result was the same - just "grain". I've uploaded additional images of all boards and web browser. Audio through optical output works as well. I bought that TV about 2 years ago.

Hi @nxs0 ,

Can't see it on the pic of the mainboard, but is there an ETBxxxxx number on it somewhere?

Have found plenty of mainboards with L59 EAX66492806 on them but it is the ETB number which denotes the size of the screen.

Just thought as the price is around 50-60 pounds UK (sorry my keyboard doesn't have pound symbol) for a 50" TV mainboard it might be a reasonable to pay a similar price for a board for your model.

You might have more luck finding a board if you just search online using the EAX + ETB numbers only.

Just a thought



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Hi @nxs0 ,

Since the TV menu screen is working OK. if you can try to update the firmware to see if this resolves the problem.

(Check the Reference link on the page and read the Update guide to be sure that this is the firmware for your exact model. If it is the wrong firmware it could "brick" the TV)

Hopefully if your TV's firmware is the same version, it will still allow you to re-install it.

Alternatively try to update "online" and see if that works (see the Update guide)


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Checked for updates and it has the latest version available (04.25.56).

I think it is gonna be hardware issue. When it happened I smelled smoke then picture started to be distorted and after while picture was gone. I tried to find damaged or burned parts on all three boards but I found nothing. Maybe something wrong is inside LCD assembly.

Hi @nxs0 ,

It shouldn't be in the LCD panel as you say that the menu screens work OK. (Screens are dumb. They only show what they are told to show ;-)

Also the TCON board will be OK for the same reason.

It most likely will be on the mainboard as this is where the signal interpretation is done.

To a lesser extent it may be the power board as perhaps the power supply to a particular section of the mainboard may be faulty. without a schematic though it will be difficult to determine if this is the case

I was afraid of that. It is easy to find power board or t-con board on eBay or from a tv parts sellers, but mainboard for my model is hard to find.

It looks like I'm gonna have a new telly, yay ! ;-)

Thanks for your help Jayeff.

From the pictures I think there might be issues with the backlight...


@nxs0 I am not convinced that this is strictly a board error. You can see everything except video. That would lead me to believe that this is a video decoder issue. I'd go ahead and try to reinstall the firmware first. After that you most likely are looking at the main board needing to be replaced. I'd like to see what your screen shows when you just use regular TV (coax etc) Just one input and nothing digital.


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Hi @oldturkey03 ,

I agree that it may be worth a try to see if a manual update works. My only concern is that @nxs0 mentioned that he'd smelled smoke just before the problem started and perhaps a manual update may leave it in a worse state than it is now , i.e. 'bricked'

I've downloaded firmware, saved it on USB flash drive in LG_DTV folder and

nothing has happened.

Update guide says that if there is the same or lower software version in the USB memory device then software version in TV nothing will happen. The latest version of firmware is from May 2017. I think, if it was a firmware bug than the problem would have appeared earlier.

So faulty mainboard.

Thanks guys !

sure looks like it. Your TV just has trouble with the video codec...Darn, to bad.


Hi Peter,

I’ve had the same happen to mine.

Did you ever get to the bottom of the problem or did you just buy a new tv?



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The problem is broken mainboard, so either you'll buy new one from somewhere or new TV :-(

I had exact same problem. Replacing main board fixed it.



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