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My Logitech Wireless M325 isn’t working.

Hi my Logitech Wireless mouse isn’t working. I’ve replaced the battery and doesn’t work. It’s a new battery cause I’ve tried with a couple different battery’s. The green light doesn’t turn on when I turn it on.

Model number: M325

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Hi @paperboypaddy ,

Have you checked that the switch is working? (use an Ohmmeter to verify)

Have you checked that the battery connection terminals are exerting enough pressure on the battery when it is in to ensure a good connection.

Have you checked that the battery connection terminals are still connected to the pcb and haven't come loose or broken off? Again use an Ohmmeter if you have to.

Also it is "batteries" ;-)

The thing is I’m not sure how to get it opened. So I can’t check the switch. I’ve checked the battery connectors and they’re fine.

Download the Unifying software and try re-syncing.

Does the laser light up?

@pccheese its a invisible laser mouse. So no the laser isn’t lighting up. ;-)

@paperboypaddy Logitech darkfield mice don't have an invisible laser. There is still a red light you can see. Look



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A 325 is a newer model.

See if you still have the receipt.

If you do, it may still be under warranty.

If it is, Logitech will send you a new replacement mouse free.


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@paperboypaddy also try downloading Logitech's unifying software to see if the receiver simply forgot the mouse it was paired with.

After you install, click "Advanced" and manually pair. It will tell you to turn off and turn on the mouse.

@avanteguarde ok. I’m going to get a replacement then. I only need the serial number, no receipt needed.


Hi @paperboypaddy ,

Here you go. This should be of some help.

Also if you meant "they are" it is they're (as in ..... "I’ve checked the battery connectors and they're fine" not there). Remember Padraic, it's all about improving ;-)


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Grr thanks for pointing that out I would’ve never saw that. How about you tell me all the times I do that so I can improve. I kind of went right over it and didn’t notice that I did it. Also my iPhone may have auto corrected it for me.


I'll try but I don't get to see all your posts.

Keep it up.

You're definitely improving ;-)

Don't know if iPhones check for correct spelling with syntax. You spelt the word, "there" correctly, so the iPhone would not have picked up that it was the wrong word to use for what you wanted to say. You obviously meant to say they're. It's a trap that a lot of spell checkers don't cover.

It's like when I sometimes misspell the word "from" and type "form" instead, it passes the spellcheck until I notice the error and correct it.

Oh you can just tell me if you see anything at some point. Doesn’t matter if you do it for all of my posts.

The best way for me to get better is by checking the post a couple times before I post it.

Hi @paperboypaddy ,

You catch on quick!




How do I install your cordless mouse?


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Can you please phrase the answer?



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