The Asus Transformer Book T100TAF is a 2-in-1 laptop and tablet with a detachable keyboard released in March 2015.

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Internet never works on my ASUS transformer mini

I only got my asus transformer mini at Christmas but I regret it. I got it as a way to do uni work on the move but it never connects to internet, I'll connect and it'll say 'connected, no internet' for basically every network, it won't connect to my personal hotspot anymore like it used it. I'm fed up! I've tried anything I can think of

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Have you tried a reinstall ? I know it can be a pain but in ensures that the problem is not software related.


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After doing this alone it did not work, but once after a reinstall I done a hard reset it worked!!!! Thank you!

- Yeah most drivers will not begin working until your first restart after a new install glad it helped, set the question to solved too.


Open Device Manager, click on Network adapters and look for your wireless device. Right click and select Uninstall, if you see a check box marked Delete Drivers, then check it. At the top select Action and then Scan for Hardware changes. This step works best if connected on Ethernet, but it should force the operating system to find current drivers.


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Sadly I tried this as it seems to have worked for every other person but no luck!

It may be the WIFI adapter or the antennae wires. I would suspect the antennae wires, you will have to remove the bottom case and check to see if the antennae wires are properly connected. They are held on by very small coax connectors that can be difficult to align and push into place.


hello everyone , I have a cuestion why my mini computer (t100taf ) doesn't accept the driver of internet, I have tried to download it in the asus page but it doesn't work .


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