Broken Headphones Wire Location

Hello to all!

My PC headphones where dragged by accident when I tried to stand up and now the left speaker is silent but the right works fine so I assumed that the wire broke somewhere. I tried every method with my hands to figure out the location of this break but with no success still silence on left speaker. Is there any other way to locate it?

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@kendokas you need to check for continuity of your wire from the connector to the driver (speaker). You'll need a meter for that (or continuity tester). Let us know if you need more help with that. Testing should be very similar to this How to Replace the Audio Jack


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if I connect multimeter's one end directly to the audio jack's spot for the left ear would it be better? I want to prevent cutting unnecessary wires if possible.

@kendokas yes absolutely. No reason to cut any wires.....yet.

Well until I locate the area of problem :P

I want to comment that my headphone mode is not working



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