Keyboard replacement - Will 2009 A1278 fit a mid 2012 A1278

Hi guys,

I'm in need of a new keyboard (top case) but want a genuine one and have found one on ebay which is being sold for spares.

My question, does a 2009-2010 A1278 Keyboard work with a mid 2012 A1278?

Thanks for the help!

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I've replaced a couple of dozen keyboards due to water damage on this model with no problems. Is there a reason you want an OEM? It does take a couple of hours with an electric screwdriver but the cost is about $30.


Thanks. So all a1278 keyboard are interchangeable? Reason for OEM is my current one is non-oem and the backlight only hits the middle and doesn't really light up anything. And the price I've found for an OEM keyboard from a broken mac is the same as a brand new non-oem.