Strange battery charging problem after water damage


I recently spilled water over my Macbook. I immediately turned it off, let it dry for a day, took it apart and cleaned every part (incl. the logic board) with isopropanol. After I put it back together, everything seemed to work again. I could use it for a full day without any symptoms.

A day later, however, after I left it disconnected from power over night, the battery was not charging anymore and I wasn't able to turn the Macbook on.

I opened it up again and tried a few things. I made the following observations:

a) When I don't have the power supply attached, I'm able to boot the Macbook from battery as usual.

b) When the power supply is attached, the LED on the charger is not turning on and the battery is not charging.

c) When the Macbook is then turned off and the battery is disconnected from the logic board (and the power supply is attached), the Macbook can be booted and everything works normal.

d) When I then connect the battery while the Macbook is already running (powered from the charger), the battery is recognized by the Macbook and is also charged, as correctly indicated by the LED on the charger.

e) When I now disconnect the power supply, the Macbook keeps running from the battery as usual.

f) However, when I reconnect the power supply, the Macbook is not charging anymore and the LED on the charger stays dark. It continues running from battery.

To get the battery charging again, I now have to disconnect it from the logic board, start with the power supply attached and connect it again.

From these observations, it seems to me that the battery itself is still ok (running from battery alone is no problem). It also seems like the power supply (and the DC-in board) can not be the problem, as the Macbook runs from the charger without the battery.

The battery is also recognized by the Macbook (after connecting it while already running), so the connection between the logic board and the battery seems also to be ok.

Could it be that somehow the power supply is not delivering its full power as long as the battery is connected, however once the power supply is delivering its full voltage (by disconnecting the battery), it can charge the battery as usual?

Any ideas what could cause the problem? (and how to fix it ;-))

Thanks in advance!!


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Yesterday, charging as usual was possible again. The Macbook was still charging even after disconnecting and reconnecting the power supply. I didn't change anything... Today, it is again not charging anymore, I guess I will have to do the battery disconnection trick again...