Panasonic fridge cooling fan is not working when connected with fridge

My Panasonic fridge cooling fan is not running. I have tested the cooling fan in separate using multimeter, its working fine. What is the issue and how can I resolve this issue without calling technician

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Hi @saleemphp ,

What is the model number of your fridge?

Which fan are you referring to, the compressor fan or the evaporator fan?


Hi Jayeff,

Thank you for your reply. Panasonic Model NO: NR-B361MW. Its an evaporator fan Model FBA11J1OM DC9V 0.17A (AC->DC Convertor).


Hi @saleemphp ,

Have you got the model number correct as I cannot find any info using that number?

Just general suggestions.

Does the evaporator feel "icy" cold? (don't "burn" your fingers trying to find out.

What is the fridge /freezer temps like. Are they the normal temps 1-5 deg. C for fridge and -18 -20 deg C for freezer?

The fan normally runs all the time except when the doors are open, if the temperature in the fridge/freezer has reached the correct temp or if the fridge is in the defrost cycle.

So it could be a faulty door switch (usually magnets in doors and switch in body (can't tell you where as I cannot find your fridge model info)

Do you get a 'door alarm" if you leave the doors open for too long? Does your fridge have this feature? If you do get an alarm this eliminates the door switches as the problem

It could also be a faulty thermostat or thermistor or a faulty control board


Hi Jayeff,

The model number is correct, but even I couldn't find this model information in internet :(.

Actually, I have replaced the new evaporator fan. It is working separably, but its not rotating after connecting with fridge. I think that there is a connectivity issue. I have to call the technician to check further.

Anyhow, thank you for your information and support.