Nintendo handheld device released February 2011, identified by model number CTR-001.

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Why won't my 3DS Boot?

The state of my 3DS is in the same condition as this video I found:

It was the same way it happened to this guy, it was in sleep mode and in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, then I set it down and it is exactly what happened to this dude.

When I came back to it, the screen was black, so I powered it off. It would not power on after I powered it off so I came home and plugged it in. I tried powering it on, and the blue light, the charging light, the 3D Slider light and the Wifi light were all on, but the screen was black. I tried unplugging it, taking out the battery, taking out the SD card and turning it on and off but none of those worked. I checked for water damage, by listening to see if there was a popping noise. I took off and put back on the Wifi chip thingy, that had no effect. I never did (or tried to) modify my device, or using Homebrew stuff, or doing anything that would cause it to lose it's warranty/be authorized by Nintendo.

I've been mostly careful with my device, dropped a few times, but I have a wrist strap that has prevented most falls. No water damage has ever happened. A X and Y buttons slightly cracked from excessive SSB4.

I've tried updating the latest version by going into System Update mode, but that failed me.

Thank you to all those who attempt to answer this

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Did you try taking the wifi card out and putting it back in? If not you should try that.


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