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Maximum RAM in MacBook Pro 2011 17" (Sandy Bridge)?

Does anybody know how much RAM you can put into the new 2011 line of MacBook Pro 17" (Sandy Bridge Chipset from Intel)?

Apple Store "genuises" say "8GB max", but i doubt it, since according to the Chipset has 2× DDR3-1333 ram slots (which the macbook has, too), and there are 8 GB modules on the market, so it should be 16 GB. Am i right that the standard processor in those machines is the Core i7 model "2720QM" (2.2 GHz ) ?

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Really, this machine was announced four hours ago. How would anybody know if it will accept more than what Apple says. It would just be speculation and your guess is as good anybody else.


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If your going to leave a downvote on this you should at least explain why and/or give a better answer.

A reasonable answer-- until someone buys this computer and the memory and tries it all any of us can do is guess. +

Does anybody actually _know_ technical details about the maximum possible RAM on Sandy Bridge chipsets (and those are around more than a few hours) ?

This question is very interesting since some people are in need of more 8gb ram an consider to buy a brand new mac book pro 2011 for this reason alone. I guess on there are a few people who actually know some of the hardware details early on ...

The chipsets have been around for a couple of months. Apple only announced the release of the new MacBook Pro on the 24th of Feb.

UPDATE - The maximum RAM is listed by EveryMac at 16 GB:


It's been a month. Any answers?


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Some SB intel chipsets are limited to 8GB (2 slots x 4GB).

Other chipsets to 16GB (4 slots x 4GB)

Looks like there is a 4GB per slot limitation.

Perhaps this is the case here?


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