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Replacement LCD install problems, black screen after boot.


Just replaced my broken LCD screen (model LTN170CT10) about a third of the screen had vertical white lines and you could see a dark patch where the LCD was broken. After quite a lot of searching I found a suitable replacement the same as listed on this link -

My original screen was the matte anti glare so I decided to change to glossy as trying to find the aluminum bezel was proving impossible, anyway I followed the IFIXIT guide and proceeded to replace the LCD, now after I boot all I get is a black screen, can't see any image at all, totally black. I opened the system back up and checked all the cables and everything seems to be connected right but I still get the black screen. I thought I must have bought a DOA but I've tried the original LCD and that is just black as well.

Connected and external monitor and the system booted up no problems, checked everything else worked, bluetooth, iSight , AirPort etc, everything works fine apart from the display.

Systems profiler shows this :

I've zapped PRAM and reset the SMC and still nothing :(

Any ideas of what to check next or any other info would be greatly appreciated.




After screen sharing the Macbook Pro on my G5 I tested the brightness buttons on the the Macbook's keyboard and sure enough I can see the settings go up and down. The contrast buttons don't do anything though the icon comes up on the screen and looks as if the contrast is turned all the way down and there is also a circle with a line through it, pic here -,

Guess this explains why the screen is totally black !?


Just finished checking the Inverter board connections made sure everything was seated correctly but I'm still getting just a black screen, no feint image or anything. One thing has changed though, now if I screen share the Macbook Pro, pressing the contrast keys actually makes the settings change, but seems the screen is still dead. Going to try with the old one in tomorrow to see if that works now, if it does I bought a dead LCD.


Just booted the Macbook Pro and I'm screen sharing from my G5, I'm not sure what's going on as the contrast buttons are not working again and I get the icon with the line through it..... Going to change back to the old screen now, see if that works or not....


Just fitted the old cracked matte LCD and It's doing the same as the new one, when I boot I can see a very feint flicker and it does the same on shutdown the shade of black changes slightly if that makes any sense. Also where the screen is damaged I can see a feint line perfectly straight down the panel. I tried to see if I could see any feint image on the screen but can't. On the new one (which is glossy which makes it more difficult to see) I haven't really noticed anything on boot, but I'm going to check....

Any Ideas?

Edit: Just checked our other older MacBook Pro, I take it if you turn the brightness all the way down that would be like and LCD with no backlight? Also just suspect why the contrast button don't do anything, they only work in low level lighting.


Just booted the MacBook Pro with the old LCD panel in (this is a matte panel) Anyway I can see very feintly the log in window, going to put the the new one back in now and check the inverter connections, going to be harder to see on the new screen as it's a glossy, but hopefully I will see some kind of image, next thing is where can I find the inverter board to buy?


After a bit of reading it seems this model of Macbook Pro doesn't have an inverter board and what I checked was actually this

Now after fitting the new LCD I can see that there is a very faint image! Really hard to see as its glossy though, now I'm not having it that two backlights have packed up on the same day so I'm going to order a replacement LVDS cable and see if that has any effect.


Found a thread on MacRumours forum:

If the LVDS cable isn't faulty it looks like I'm going to have to find someone to test the fuse and WLED driver on the motherboard, hopefully I can find someone locally to me in Manchester UK.


Had the system fixed at they replaced the fuse and WLED driver on the logic board.

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Did you check the connections to the inverter board? Were they properly seated? I would check the inverter board and try with a known good one. They are pretty inexpensive and cause issues like the one you are having.


If you look at Step #30 of this guide you'll see what the inverter board looks like. Its dead center on the bottom of the display wrapped in a orange wrapper. It's a small board with very small circuitry.


Here's a view of it when its not connected.


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+ great starting point

Whereabouts is the inverter board ? Model of Macbook Pro is (A1297)

please give the last three letters of your serial number so we know exactly which machine you have

here you go - 8YB

Apple MacBook Pro "Core 2 Duo" 2.8 17" (Mid-2009) Specs

Identifiers: Mid-2009 17" - MC226LL/A* - MacBookPro5,2 - A1297 - 2329*



Facing the exact same problem after replacing the glossy LCD panel in my Unibody Late 2008 Macbook Pro. No backlit lighting. I have replaced the LVDS cable but no luck, including replacing the original LCD panel ( in fine condition ).


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Rhys, did you ever find a fix for this problem ?

I found this thread that is active at the moment -

Going to try a replacement LVDS cable first as some of the pins look broken , if that doesn't fix it I'm going to get the fuse and driver tested to see if that's the problem.

Oh yes the laptop is in fine condition now and successfully upgraded the LED panel to 1680x1050 hi-res panel. It was being repaired by one of a talent in my local town whom did a lot of repair on the motherboard as well as replacing the GPU clip. To sum up there is not much I can tell, just bring the laptop to someone who know how to fix a motherboard incase replacing the LVDS cable doesn't bring up the magic.

If some of the pins on the LVDS looks broken , don't ever try to light up your laptop with that cable plugged in - that's how I damaged the motherboard as well as the GPu clips.


if you add a new different kind of lcd to your laptop, shouldn't you check to see if the inverter board needs to be refitted with an appropriate model to match that lcd. I mean there seems to be different inverter boards that fit the same computer, but different lcd's. someone agree?


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