The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 is a 10.1-inch Android-based tablet computer and belongs to the second generation of the Samsung Galaxy Tab series.

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Keeps turning off and on and won't stop

My Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 keeps turning off and on. You don't have time to do a factory reset because that's all it does is go off and on. Any suggestions? I have tried the off and on button with the volume button to reset but it doesn't stay on long enough.

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I have a Samsung tab 3 v4.42.0 I hit it on the back and it works on me


loo at the above comment

If you have your tablet in a case, that might be your problem. My tab a kept shutting down until I took it out of the case when I used it. It was simply getting too hot and shutting down because of the elevated temp.

I have the same appears when my batery is low ( below 20 %). When I plugged it on charger it stopped...i thing that I will return back to shop.

In my situation, it was the magnet in the case. Took it out of the case it's fine now


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Try disconnecting the battery . This is a common problem with Samsung tablets and is often resolved by just disconnecting the battery for a few minutes. This video is a battery replacement video but shows how to get into the battery and how to unplug it. You don't need to remove the battery . Follow the video only as far as the disconnect.

Hope this helps


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Thank you very much. I'm sure gonna give it a shot.

I got my tablet to come on but n I w I have an android guy and it says that it's dowloading, Exec it has been doing it since last night. Please help

how did you manage to turn it on? I think i'm having the same issue..

My Tab 2 10.1 is doing the same I think. I turn it on and as soon as it loads it turns off and then back on again and continues to cycle like that until the battery has discharged. I can then charge the tablet and then when I turn it on the same cycle starts all over again. It will not stay on long enough for me to go to settings and do a reset.

I think your tab is on bootloop,

Try this..



What is happening with the device Is that It's bootlooping, only thing you can continue to do try Is doing getting the device into the boot screen where you go to reset the device. Another thing that could be tried is new parts that could potentially cause the boot issue but most likely It's a motherboard issue with the device.


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It will never let me get to the reboot screen. Is it best to just buy another one or does a motherboard cost less? I tried taking it to Best Buy but they always say there is no one there that can look at it right now. They suck! Lol

I would just buy a new one, motherboards are usually around the same price of the device.

Thank You very much. I love the one I have, so it looks like I'm just getting a new one.

My Galaxy Tab A was going to a black screen.... no buttons worked at all. I had it in a protective cover, and as soon as I took it out of the cover, it is now working fine. As soon as I put it back in the cover again... black screen! I don’t use a protective cover anymore :-)

I just saw another post, and it’s the magnet in the cover that is causing it. The protective cover I have is like a book, and when you open the cover and fold it behind the tablet, it displays a black screen and renders the buttons useless. As soon as you unfold the cover, the Tablet is operational again. Give it a try


It worked. Thank you!

Update (10/28/2018)

Took my cover off and tablet is now fine. Now to find a cover without a magnet


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Should I factory reset my Samsung galaxy tablet A. It keeps shutting off on me . Very frustrating. Was fine for about a year. Now shuts off all the time. Should I get rid of everything on the tablet and start all over?


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I have this same problem. My tab was fine for a little over two years. It started to automatically restart when the battery is 15% but now it will restart even at 50% and it's really frustrating. It always happend when i play sound. I need help, please



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