The HP Pavilion dv9000 series was introduced in 2006.

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will not load at all

Hi,My dv900 will not load at all, i get the green line going accross but that stays on for hours! I tried safe mode and that didnt run either......please help

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jenny, does your computer POST and can you get into the BIOS? Just trying to figure out if it is windows that is hanging you up or if it is a hardware error. The DV series has had a lot of motherboard issues and just trying to narrow it down. Thanks.

Hi, I'm not very techy so i'mnot sure what you mean,i have tried f8 and f11 but they freeze out too...thanks

jenny, when you first start your computer, do you see a start up screen. Like the HP Splash screen? What do you see when you first start your computer?


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Try starting up from your system installation disk. Then see if your drive is seen, if may have gone south


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Yeah, it seems like there may be a problem with your hard drive, but certainly try booting from a disk if you have one first.

thanks Ryan,i dont think i have the disk...i'll keep trying


If you can access your Bios if you can and take a look at drives and see if your HDD shows


  • When switching on your computer system, press the F1 key to access the BIOS set up screen
  • For those using an HP Tablet PC, you can press the F10 or F12 keys.
  • You can also access the BIOS set up menu by pressing the F2 or ESC keys.

I would look into the software option first, you may have a corrupt Windows installation. If you have another computer available, you could download a live cd version of Linux and see if your computer starts, that would verify the software problems. However, the DV series is plagued with motherboard issues. Let us know so we can continue to help you. If it gets to complicated or you do not understand any directions, just ask. We are all here to assist each other.


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I, too, have a dv9000 series. I will look again for the reference, but the video controller is a known issue on these computers. My computer will not start up either as it appears to recognize no video adapter.

Here's some other locations on this. I don't believe that mine is repairable without either: 1.) replacing the motherboard, which they have a known issue or 2.) buying a USB video adapter and using it as a desktop computer.

I found this site, and the info on the HP, buy using google. Type in hp dv9000 and recall or motherboard.

Good luck with it


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NO Blue lights, nothing when pushing start button.

I read all the fixit helps for this issue and was not happy.

I started with the most simple suggestion, I removed my RAM chips and replaced them.

Started right up.

Good Luck, hope this helps someone...........


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