Mid 2009 Model A1278 / 2.26 or 2.53 GHz Core 2 Duo processor EMC 2326

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White screen (again!), but please read...

Hi all!

Back story - I bought a MacBook Pro as a little project. Screen was dodgy and the quality (either with or without lines) was dependent on the angle the screen was held/supported at. Managed to do a full restore and is currently running on El Capitan and the condition of the screen was the same.

I then bought and fitted a new LVDS cable (I do a lot of iPad/iPhone repairs so used to this sort of work). However, problem started - White screen of death.

Since then, I have done the following;

1. Connected to an external monitor - all good.

2. Bought another replacement cable - same problem, so that’s three cables and no joy.

3. Bought a second hand LCD from eBay - same problem - it came with a cable, so that’s 4 cables and two LCDs.

4. SCM, NVRAM restarts conducted - no difference.

5. Disconnected/reconnected battery several times - no difference.

6. Put HDD into another MBP, and all good - no issues with screen on other laptop.


1. HDD is good - proved

2. 2x LCDs can’t be bad - symptoms are the same on both.

3. 4x cables - at least one of them must be good, surely.

4. Graphics chip OK as external monitor is good.

5. RAM must be OK as the laptop operates fine on external monitor.

6. Laptop starts up exactly as it should; chimes, screen dimming after initial start up, dimmer buttons work, and all functions work when directed from external monitor.

7. There is absolutely nothing on the HDD with exception of the the operating system, so not clogged up.

So my only assumption is that the screen connector on the board is possibly dodgy. However, even pressing, squashing, wiggling the connector, you’d have thought something would have popped up on the screen, even if it was garbled nonsense. After all, the only thing that was changed initially for a slightly intermittent screen was the cable - no great shakes

Any thoughts?......Anybody?

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Does it work if you put the original cable back? (as much as it was before)

Regretfully not!

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Your diagnostic skills are excellent. "White Screen of Death" is a new one on me. Most of the time white screen indicates a hard drive issue and not a display issue. The fact that your external is running brings this into question. This is a tough one. The first thing I would do is to boot from an external source and run a virus check on the drive and see if the screen works with a clean system. Does the original display still work (even if it is flawed? What was the source of your replacement display (it is very much in question at this point).


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As I’ve proved the HDD on another MBP, and it was a full clean install of the OSX, then it can’t be a virus problem as far as I can see.

I’m loathed to take my good MBP screen apart in order the check the LCD. By virtue of the fact I have a replacement (yes, admittedly 2nd hand off eBay) and the symptoms are EXACTLY the same, I don’t think the LCD is the problem.

I think I’ll probably end up ripping apart and selling for parts to recoup some money.


Sounds like the connector on the Logic board is indeed your problem. In my experience that usually does result in a black screen rather than a white one tho.

You can replace the connector but that depends on your skill level and tools. Ebay is (as always) your friend. The repair is pretty straight forward and mostly relies on a steady hand. Since you talk about doing iPad/iPhone repairs and got not much left to lose this is probable your best chance.


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maybe the cable between laptop screen and motherboard maybe there is small cable is cut so maybe you should try another flat(cable between screen and mother )or you fixd it if you can.


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