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What glue do you use for glass only replacement

I've been replacing screens for awhile now and generated a ton of broken screens, I recently started removing the broken glass from the lcds.

Just worndering a few things.

1) What is the best glue to use to glue a glass back onto the LCD.

2) Where do you get said glue for the best price.

3) Where do you get your glass at?

4) Any tips or tricks when glueing the glass only back on the LCD?

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For tips and tricks, you should watch the LCD screen refurbished video on YouTube. For glue and glass, you should ask your phone repair parts vendor, also you can buy them in iFixit. Only replace glass need some equipments like OCA Laminating Machine, Bubble Remove Machine and others.


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You normally use Loca glue + a UV light to set the glue.

See this youtube tutorial.


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All reputable refurbishers are doing OCA. LOCA is fine for one-offs (although not really cost effective). If the OP wants to do iPhone glass-only repair professionally, as the question suggests, they should invest in the proper tools and consumables, as Mandy recommends.

OCA and LOCA are the same glue. "L" simply means its the liquid form. The solid form is expensive due to the equipment as you said for a machine that can remove bubbles vs a simple UV light.



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