'08 xterra air conditioning failure, other issues

Symptoms started out as the air not getting cold at idle. I figured bad fan motor but when I looked I realized the fan was running off the engine and not electric and the clutch on it seemed good so I ignored it for a bit and then decided to dig deeper and that's when I discovered the electric fan hiding under the edge of the main fan shroud. Sure enough no matter what I did that fan will not run even though it spins freely by hand. Time was short that day so I dropped it with the knowledge that at least no I knew what was going on. So before I can dig deeper to see if it's the fan itself or the control of it the dash controls start doing odd things. Now if the system is set on MAX AC and all cold the AC and recirculate light will only light up IF the fan control is set to low or #1. OK so I have AC still but only on low right? Nope the fan will not spin on low now to push the cold air through. If I turn it up above 1 it will blow cold air where the compressor was running but only until it warms up the exchanger. The compressor turns off and the lights on the dash for AC and recirculate turn off and can not be turned back on. I've tried all sorts of settings with the same results. The fan on low will allow me to turn on the compressor but will not run the fan. any other speed on the fan runs the fan but turns the AC off. This is on defrost even. Being disabled I simply don't have the money to spend at the dealership to find and fix this issue. Other strange things have happened on and off with this vehicle including the VDC and slip lights on at the same time and stay on with no control to turn off the VDC. I was told that it was something to do with the antilock brakes and they reset them and it cleared up only to come back sometimes weeks or months later and then go out again on their own. Passenger airbag light started flashing for no apparent reason. They said it was $125 just to look at it. We wear belts and hope no one hits us. Very frustrating as it has been a good vehicle. Only has 150K on it and I keep the oil changed and take care of it. I'm starting to wonder if the computer isn't failing or something like that? Any thought or ideas are appreciated. I have a code reader but it won't dig deep enough to see what some of the codes are.

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