Transfer files when both disk image and repair permissions fails.


I have a problem, which I can't seem to find an answer to, so now I hope you can help. I'll try to make a structured walk through.

Macbook Air

Version: 13,3 Mid 2011 model: A1369

OS: Lion


When powering on, the apple logo and spinning wheel shows. The loading bar beneath also shows, but when it's about 25% done it dissapears. The apple logo and spinning wheel keeps showing, but nothing else happens (stays like that for hours). I never get to the home screen.

Question:The most important is to get the files on the Harddrive (old pictures etc). Is there any way to get this?

It's possible to access the Disk Utility on the Recovery drive, but when trying to make a Disk Image of the HDD it fails with this error:

"unable to create disk image: Input/Output Error"

When trying to repair permissions in disk utility it fails with this error:

+*Verify and Repair volume "Macintosh HD"*+

+Checking Journaled HFS Plus volume.+

+Checking Extents Overflow file.+

+Checking Catalog file+

+*Keys out of order*+ (in red)

+Rebuilding Catalog B-tree.+

+*The volume Macintosh HD could not be repaired.*+ (in red)

+*Error: Filesystem verify or repair failed.*+ (in red)

When I'm picking source and destination in the Disk Image utility I can see all my files in the "finder" that shows. I just don't know how to access them so I can back them up/Copy them to an external harddrive.

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Thanks for all of the quick responses.

I will try them and come back with an update :)

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I would first try booting with extension off in Safe Mode by holding down the shift key on start up.

OWC makes what they call an Envoy enclosure especially for this stick, Make sure you get the correct one for your model.

Although rare these blades do fail but more likely is a virus.

Next boot from an external USB source, run Disk Utilities and a good (Paid For) anti-virus.. Back up your data.

You can then reformat the internal drive and see if it will take a new system.

I am having a hard time finding just the enclosure on the OWC site. But there are some on eBay. It can be used till you get your machine running and then resold on eBay if you can fix everything,

Personally when doing an upgrade, I take the old stick and put it in the enclosure, then use it as an external diagnostic drive (very fast).


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At this point more than likely the ssd is failing, but maybe a system problem too.

You can try and access your files through Target Disk mode. You will need an Thunderbolt cable to hook it up to another machine and hold down T and turn the computer on. It should show up on the other machine as an external hard drive and that way you can save your files.

After your files are saved on another storage device you can try and reinstall the OS by completing wipe the SSD and see if it works, if the same errors show up it's time for a new drive.

Here is the drive you will need:

Macbook Air 11" and 13" (Late 2010-Mid 2011) SSD

Here is the guide on how to change the drive:

MacBook Air 13" Mid 2011 Solid-State Drive Replacement

Macbook Air 11" and 13" (Late 2010-Mid 2011) SSD张图片


Macbook Air 11" and 13" (Late 2010-Mid 2011) SSD



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If you have another windows pc you can attempt to plug in SSD (M.2 I think? apple doesnt specify those things.) from your laptop and read the files using This HFS+ file system driver that comes with bootcamp. Just extract and open a file named instructions in it.

Remember: you can only read the HFS+ filesystem not write in HFS+)

You could also find an adapter to sata if you need.


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