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Screen damaged half of the display has got blank whem the tv is on.

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I have lg ultra UHD tv

Yesterday my son threw his toy car on the screen due to which the screen has got damaged. I bought tv just 7 mnths back . How the damaged screen could be repaired and cost have to bear ?

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@badalpriya " which the screen has got damaged" a physically damaged LCD display can not be repaired. It is not due to bad capacitors or anything else. It will be very difficult to find a new display. Even if it can be found it will most likely cost more than a new TV. You can always do an online search for a replacement but do not search by your TV model alone. Remove the back of your TV and check the label on the back of the LCD. It will have the manufacturer as well as the LCD panel number. Use that for your search. The only other thing you can try is to find the same model as your TV but broken other than the panel. Then harvest the panel from that TV.

To verify that this is a broken LCD post some images of what your screen shows with your question. Use this guide for that 在已经存在的问题里加入图片

Update (11/17/2017)

@badalpriya definitely a broken LCD. The only way to repair this is by replacing the panel.


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That is definitely a fault on one of your driver boards ... usually bad capacitors. I would pull the cover off and look for blown caps... when they blow, they usually bulge out the top and sometimes leave a liquid around them ... its not toxic, just messy sometimes.


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@easygoing1 physical damage on the LCD screen is not related to bad capacitors or bad driver boards!

@oldturkey03 - you are 100% correct ... I am lost for words, it seems like I was answering a different question entirely ... how very strange.


My screen went on my LG tv...I traced fault to the backlights so had to replace them and worked fine after that. If it's definitely the LCD then from what I know they are glued in and you would need to find an LCD for your tv online. It would most likely be cheaper to buy a new tv than to replace the LCD if you can find one.


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