New charger - Surface still won't charge or turn on.

My surface pro started giving "connected, not charging" error a few days back. When I'd lower the brightness or plug back in the charger a few times it would start charging again so I thought it would be charger problem. I ordered a new 12V 5W charger which was to arrive in 3 days.

During these 3 days while using the old charger it would keep giving the error until it stopped detecting charger, but when i connected the charger upside down it would detect the charger.

Last night (1 day before new charger arrived) my WiFi icons were removed and it won't connect to internet. And it detected charger but didn't charge at all. I tried the following solutions:

1. Pressed power for 10 seconds then plugged in charger, it charged for a while but stopped again.

2. Pressed vol up + power for 15 secs and turn on. It didn't charge and stopped detecting charger.

I eventually thought the charger has failed. But today as I received new charger it won't detect it as well, no indicator light or whatsoever (I'm not sure this new charger has indicator light or something).

I've tried to:

1. Clean and wipe the connector pins of both surface and the charger with wet tissues. Didn't work.

2. Kept it plugged in and pressed power button for 10 secs. Didn't work.

Things I noticed:

1. Since the battery is all dead. I see a battery icon in a circle when I press power button. But that doesn't come anymore.

2. I can feel the static electric buzz on my fingers if I touch the back of surface like there's electricity flowing. But its not charging.

Any solution might be helpful.

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