Brake pedal travel engine on only

Hi have replaced front discs and pads have replaced brake booster and master cylinder have checked rear brakes *5% checked rear drums bench bleed mater cylinder and have bleed brakes 4 times.when engine is off pedal is hard engine on pedal travels to far and with a bit of pressure feels like it is hitting floor.So I clamped front brakes pedal hard engine off pedal is good engine on.then clamped rear pedal soft with engine on I checked all brake hoses with some one applying the brake pedal all ok no ballooning. I replaced rotors as they were showing signs of wear. This vehicle does not have ABS

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@bear47691 isn't ABS standard on Ford Escape?


Not on this one this is how it came from factory No ABS.


I have also checked and cleaned guide pins and greased them still the same.

Can anybody help me it`s driving me crazy