Sennheiser RS120 Wireless Headphones with recharging cradle

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The green led light comes on and goes out often

When the green light is on and I use the headphones they last about 10 minutes and goes out and all I get is static.

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Is the green light on or off when you lose audio in the headphones?

If the green light is off it means that the base station has lost power and is not transmitting to the headphones or that there is no audio being received from the source. Check that the mains adapter is securely plugged into the wall outlet and also into the base station. Check the audio source connection are secure and also check the output at the source by plugging in a headset (or other compatible audio speaker) to verify a constant signal.

If the green light is on and you have lost audio it means that you have lost signal from the base station. Receiving static seems to indicate that the batteries are still OK and are holding their charge.

There may be interference on the channel that you are using between the base station and the headphones.

Try changing the transmitting channel by using the switch under the base station and re-tuning the headphones, to see if the problem is resolved. Here's how scroll to p.3 Optimizing the reception


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Thank you very much after reading some commits yesterday.

I went and changed the wires from my tv to the cable box and noticed the power plug was not tight . After I changed the cables and made sure the power cable clicked in place it has been working fine. Thank you for your response



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