Bluetooth speaker by Brookstone, released late 2013.

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How do u take apart the speaker to check the inside of it...

My bass blew out my speaker an I don't know how to take it apart to check the inside... It's like a short in it cuz it cuts in an out... What do I do

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Is there a way of replacing the bottom circuit board ? The previous owner overloaded it, I'm assuming by using a higher voltage charger.

Thanks in advance


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Here's how to get into it

Brookstone Big Blue Party/360 Speaker Battery Replacement


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Ok... U helped me figure out how to take the piece I needed off... So what do I do about the bass cutting on an off... It's like my speaker works.. but the bass cut off... It feels like it's blown

Well look at it, listen to it. check the wiring and the solder joints and determine if it is blown. If so replace it.


I have the same problem with BBP speaker ( it fell down and some abnormal voices from bass speaker)

To pull down the cage u need to open the bottom and main botton silver ring ( by small screw driver push it up) and also Aux and supply frame( it has 6 screws which are located under rubber plugs)

After all these things done u need to pull down the cage (it may stuck at first you can force it by an screw driver as a leverage between the cage and upper lid


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I am having this same problem. I believe the bass is blown. Is there a way to get it fixed? Thank you!

Am having problem on how to take apart my Better sound quality

Portable wireless speaker,is there a way to get it fixed? Pls help me out with it. Thank you!


For checking speakers, I use a multimeter with a resistor measurement to check that the speaker is not shorted and I displaying the correct impedance: 2ohm, 4ohm, 8ohm, etc., whatever it is supposed to be. With the speaker leads disconnected from the amp, of course. Then take a one and a half-volt battery and touch your speakers leads a few times. You should get a “pop” noise that sounds relatively clean—-a bad speaker will give you a harsher “scritching” sound if the voice coil has been overheated and deformed. Note: a one and a half-volt battery will not harm your speaker if not continuously applied. Switching speakers around, or “borrowing” one from something else will tell you if you have amplifier problems.


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