Corrosion on Logic Board help


Got an ipod off ebay that was dead and cracked digitzer. Opening it up everything looks pretty much ok apart from two small capacitors/resistors? See the pics attached, should be fairly easy to see. not sure if this was caused by water or if they are caps they might be leaking/exploded.

I have a new battery but apprehensive about putting it in as dont want to ruin it if the board is faulty.

I do have some iso alcohol and have tried rubbing it off but not much avail.

Some people have said they dip the whole unit in it, would this help?

Unrelated, but I have noticed that under the cables running from the top board to the lower one is a silver paste. Is this thermal paste and if i get the unit working again should i put some more down. I have some arctic silver from my imac.


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I think that in order to find out exactly what happened and what needs to be replaced, if anything, you need to clean the logic board. So, I would go ahead and clean the board with my favorite. Isopropyl alcohol, because it does help to displace water, and to scrub the board with a soft brush, in the past I have used a soft toothbrush. Let the board dry of thoroughly and then you can take a closer look at it. That is where a good magnifier comes in handy as well. Once it is clean it might also be easier to determines if it is leakage or water corrosion. From your pic, I am leaning toward corrosion. At least once you have it cleaned and assembled it might also be easier to determine if you have an error and you will have an idea where the error is (corroded parts) that you then can think about replacing. So to recap, clean, assemble, trouble shoot, repair (if necessary. as for the silver paste, why should there be thermal paste under the ribbon cable. I do not think it should get hot enough to require thermal paste, but I am kind of stumped on that one :-) but those are just my two cents. Good Luck to you.


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Did you try this fix, and did it work?

I have the same issue.


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Yeah, initially tried with iso alcohol but didnt work well enough, so i gave it a methylated spirits bath overnight. Works fine now.

I am glad we could help out ;-)


you could also try to clean between resistors and parts with a thin pry tool to help prevent shorths also.


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