Released on October 1, 2013 the BLU Studio 5.5 is an unlocked Android smartphone with two model types being the D600 (single SIM) or D610 (dual SIM).

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Why is my battery draining or not charging at all

I have bought this phone on march this year.And for almost a month now it has been giving me problems with charging the phone.I can put it in charger for 8 hours but still find it at 3-17%.

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The prospects of fixing this issue are good, though it might take some investigation to figure out just exactly what's causing the problem.

This guy has some good advice. Lots of suggestions to try.

I will also say that there are several other questions with similar issues, with BLU phones specifically. As a BLU owner, I know my own phone can be janky sometimes. I once had my battery get stuck reading 11% for a whole day. I finally used it until it ran out of juice and then charged it nonstop back to 100%, and haven't had it happen again. This might be more complicated, though.

One of the questions (Why is my Blu Studio not charging?) has several suggestions as to why it's happening and how to fix it. Sometimes there's glue where it shouldn't be, or sometimes it's a matter of cleaning the port itself. Other times, it's from overcharging the battery.

Good luck!


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Thank you very much.I will even try to charge it non-stop.Sometimes i leave it in the charger for the whole night and still find it stuck at 3% or even worse at 0%


Hi @kessy ,

Have you tried a different charger or connected the phone to a USB port in a computer to see if the battery charges properly?

If so and it is no different perhaps the battery is failing or there is a problem with the phone's charging circuit.

Unfortunately BLU only give a 6 months manufacturer's warranty on the battery (in the USA that is) and as you bought the phone in March, your battery is now out of warranty

So to determine if it is the battery or the phone that is the problem you will have to buy a replacement battery (search online for a supplier that suits you best) and find out.

(I think that if you return the phone to BLU for a warranty repair, suspecting that it may be the phone that is the problem and it turns out to be a defective battery that they will charge you for finding this out.)

If a new battery doesn't solve the problem then most certainly you should make a claim for a manufacturer's warranty repair as BLU warrants the phone for 12 months. Consult the warranty statement that came with the documentation that came with the phone or here is a link to find out what you have to do to make a warranty claim


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@kessy I'd actually recommend all of this ^ before fiddling too much with the internals on your own. As possible as it is that you may be able to fix it, a valid warranty is always a good bet.

Thanks @jayeff!

Hi @alphapeaches ,

You're welcome.

I think that the warranty route, if available, is always the best option to take.

Thank all for the answers.I am in Botswana,Africa.I have charged using different chargers and the same thing happened even using a usb port in a computer.The retailer gave me only 3 months warranty.I will try all the suggestions.THANK YOU

Hi @kessy ,

Look at what the MANUFACTURER'S (BLU) warranty is for your country NOT the retailer's warranty.

Do you still have the documentation that came with the phone? The warranty statement should be included with it. Check to see what it says regarding the warranty where you are.

My BLU Dash L is sealed in the back, no taking battery in or out. Is it possible the charging problem could be because of a chord I bought at the dollar store?!



Get a new cable. The same problem happened to me. The quality of the cable actually degrades over time.


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