The Brother MFC-3240C is a 5-in-1 color inkjet printer.

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Bother MFC-3240C Error 50?

I've cleared machine error 46 by removing ink absorber box and cleaning it out. Now I have machine error 50 showing as the internal error code. When I unplug my printer and plug it back in I get to beeps and it shows "Unable to Init.". The user's guide is totally useless as is Brother customer service.

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Ronald MAssey I am not sure if this will help you in any way but this is what I found out :

"This is a fuser error. Remove power for at least 10 minutes and reconnect power.

If the problem is still present it is either

Faulty thermister in the fuser

Blown fuse in the fuser

Porr fuser cable connection

Blown heater element.

The fuser can be repaired IF you can get the parts and if you are happy to strip the fuser out of the printer and repair the fuser.


This error may be reset by holding down the SET and GO switches together until the backlight turns green and then while holding down the switches turn power off.

CAUTION **** This operation is not for the faint hearted, if the fuser is hot when you do this the fuser WILL MELT ****

and here is a bit more

2)replace the thermistor (the bit with the 2 black or white wires that rests against the fuser roller).

If the error 50 is still there after fitting either a thermistor or complete fuser, open the top cover and turn on, then hold down Go and + while shutting the cover. It should then say warming up, then ready.

3)Here is the simple way to fix error 50. Please bear in mind that the fuser unit has a counter which will automatically generate this error when the fuser has handled approximately 70,000 pages, but this does not necessarily mean the fuser needs to be replaced.

Here goes: Switch the machine on. Wait until the yellow data light goes out. Now hold down the 'GO' button AND the '+' button together four about four seconds. The LCD panel will now display a 'RESET COMPONENT LIFE' message. Use the + and - keys to select the fuser unit, and reset it.

Again I hope this will help somewhat. Good Luck


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