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Not turning on or charging - PC or AC

I have a seemingly dead 1st gen Nano (2GB) - if plugged into the PC or AC it doesn't power on or charge.

I have a spare battery (from another 1st gen) which is outputting 2.45v and used that to no avail.

Is that battery dead or too low voltage to power on (3.7v needed?)?

If a Nano has a dead/no battery could it still turn on if on AC power?

May turn out to be the logic board anyway!

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Neil, I would most certainly go ahead and change the battery. Yes, it is the cheaper part to replace. your symptoms do sound like a bad battery. Clean all connections and especially the dock connector, make sure your USB cable is good and that all the pins are straight. If that does not work, then you have confirmation that you need a new logic board. Also keep remembering that a battery may show sufficient voltage but may not supply enough amperage :) Good Luck and let us know how it is going.


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Thanks - just to clarify....can a Nano still charge on AC with no or a bad battery?

No, it can not :-)



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