Screen does not turn on at all (tried replacing charging port as well)

I had replaced my sister's battery recently as it was starting to lose its charge very quickly. However, in a month or so, she comes back with a broken phone that does not turn on or is recognizable to itunes either.

She told me she had used a portable fan that plugs into the bottom of the phone (a cheap chinese brand I think) which I speculated is what caused the damage to the phone. What do you guys think? Or, it's just coincidence and happened to died right after.

But anyways, so I thought it was the charging port that broke. So I replaced that, and still no luck. Also, tried hard resetting as well. If you guys could give any ideas on this, that'd be incredible!



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You're probably right. Cheap peripherals can draw too much current or cause voltage spikes that damage the charging circuit (Tristar).

This will have to be repaired by a shop that does micro-soldering work.


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Thank you for the response. How much do you think it would cost to repair that?

Dealing with a reputable micro-solderer will cost you about $100 - $150. Some may charge more and some less.

There are a few reputable micro-solderers who frequent this forum or you can search Google. You can check out my profile if you'd like, at the very least it will serve as a data point

@mayer @oldturkey03 not sure if this is okay...but answering a direct question. Let me know.

Robert Actually this is just the type of repair that Minho specializes in. @refectio You're fine with me, you didn't recommend yourself or post your web link (which is in your profile), right?

@refectio @mayer looks good to me as well.


Have you checked voltage on the battery? Maybe the new battery was junk and died already, especially if it was an ebay part. Use a multi meter on the outer pins of the battery connector. Report back what you find.


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Good point !


check the FPC socket, it is connection trouble


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