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Airport and Ethernet connect, but does not register on any browsers?


My friend has a MacBook running 10.5.

She turned it on and the internal clock failed.. she had to go online to reset it.

From this point on, Safari and Firefox say the internet is not connected through wireless at her home, but it still would connect through ethernet. She could still connect through the wireless internet at school.

The browser cannot connect through either ethernet or wireless.

The software has all been reinstalled.

System Preferences/Networks says that it is connected. And is showing a strong signal using my wireless. Yet Safari and Firefox still say it's not connected.

What's the problem, and how should I try to fix it?

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You said the software had been reinstalled, was it a fresh install of the operating system or an archive and install? Might check the firewall settings as well. It is under system preferences, security and the firewall tab. Set it to allow any incoming connections.

If that doesn't work go to /Library/Preferences/System Configuration/ and delete:



Restart the machine, that should reset all of your network settings.


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Thanks so much!!! She had archived and installed. Firewall settings were completely open.

Deleted all the files you listed and worked immediately! Thanks again.


If it works at school, the computer is fine. The problem appears to be with her home internet connection. Contact your ISP (internet service provider) and have them walk you though the problem. You will probably need to reset the modem and your computers setting (which were lost when the power went completely down along with the time).


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It did work at school, she hasn't been back to check. But it doesn't work off my connection, which is obviously working because it is how I'm posting this.



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