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Quality of Aftermarket screens

I was wondering how the aftermarket screens sold here on iFixit compare to other aftermarket screens or even "Premium" screens. I bought one this week and the quality surprised me after realizing it was an aftermarket and not OEM. I called iFixit and they told me (don't quote me on this) that they don't stray from a 10% difference in color and brightness when compared to an OEM screen.

Anyone have more info on this?

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Typically, “OEM” screens are refurbished. An apple LCD is re-glued to a random piece of glass and that is considered “oem” in the third party world. I can’t speak for Ifixit specifically but most 3rd party parts are brand new and come in different “grades”. So, 3rd party screens are typically brand new parts but the actual display may come from Sharp, LG, etc and may have a slight hue, and brightness preference than how apple tweaks it. Hope this helps!


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I just installed a replacement screen I purchased from iFixit for my iPhone 6s.

Quality is BAD.

Brightness must be around 60% of the original screeen and the colors are a lot colder, kind of bluish. Also the contrast is VERY BAD. It was a really big disappointment since the price was a lot higher than what you can find on eBay for an aftermarket display, and you would expect good quality coming from iFixit.

So NO, don’t go with the iFixit display...

Marcelo, if you are unsatisfied with your iFixit screen, contact their support (help.ifixit.com) and they will make things right. I agree that iFixit charges a premium but in exchange for that, you will get service and support that is second to none.

@minho I wrote to iFixit a week ago, as soon as I detected the bad quality in the screen but nobody from iFixit has bothered answering my claim so far...

So, not only bad quality parts, but pretty bad support as well.

I also found out that with the new replacement screen from iFixit, the “auto brightness” feature has disappeared!

I am aware on ios11 the feature was moved over to “accessibility”, but it’s missing from there as well (the description is there but the selector is misssing)

That's very unfortunate and is not at all what I would expect. For myself I have received nothing but outstanding support. Perhaps something went awry with your note to their support. I would certainly try again. I'll tag @kyle and @kaykay here although I'm not sure if the patrol this forum.



After replacing the screen with the iFixit spare, the "auto-brightness" option is gone (ios 11) from accesibility:

Block Image

Update (11/16/2017)

@minho @kaykay @kyle

I admit that support was good, they finally replied and tried to be helpful.

The problem I had, and still have is with the BAD QUALITY of the parts.

I just finished sending my latest email to support, telling them how, for the THIRD TIME, the replacement screen they sent is again defective...

To recap, the situation was the following:

1. I purchased a replacement screen for an iPhone 6s on iFixit, even though the price was higher than on other places, but expecting to get a high quality part.

The screen (the first one) they sent had many issues: fuzzy image (glue problem?), low backlight, issues with auto-brightness.

2. I sent back the screen and got a SECOND replacement. This time, the image was sharp and the backlight as bright as the original apple screen, BUT it had other issues: a blue spot on middle of the screen (again, some glue issue?), the backlight on the top and bottom had a noticeable bleeding specially on dark images, also the left half of the top backlight stopped working from time to time, the 3D Touch was not working well across the whole screen (irregular pressure detection, sometimes even didn't work at all)

3. I sent back the second screen and got back a THRIRD one. I specifically asked the support team to TEST IT thoroughly beforehand. Still, this new display has again some issues: again the backlight on the top and bottom had a noticeable bleeding or blobbing, irregular and sometimes non-working 3D touch, and once again, like the first screen they sent, the colour is blue-ish (again something to do with bad glue of the screen?).

On all THREE displays, the "auto brightness" feature on iOS11 is missing. The "description text" is right there, in Settings>General>Accessibility>Display Accommodations, but the option switch itself is missing. When I install an original apple screen, the feature comes back.

I already gave it a try with the iFixit screens, but obviously they all seem to have quality issues, and most of the really big issues.

It seems that iFixit has a warehouse full of bad screens, and they should do something about it instead of keep shipping them to their customers.

They definitely lost me as one, but they can still keep other customers if they act on this problem fast.

Once again, I have no complaints whatsoever regarding support: they have a good attitude, and they are willing to help. But, they have to improve the quality control over the products they sell.


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a blue spot on the screen could be related to something not sitting right inside the phone i noticed on a screen i was fixing yesterday i had the box connected to the lcd and digitizer cables wasn't sitting right and it made it difficult to close and the i got it to close but then the client had a blue spot on the screen that was noticeable on lighter apps or pages i removed the screen and reapplied it and the second round about it went in place flawlessly and had no blue spot anymore its was because something was putting pressure on the lcd from the inside of the phone



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