Charge indicator LED permantly on

I have an Alcatel One Touch 4015X (I believe its commonly know as a Pop C1) that maintains the charging indicator LED permanently on.

This started after replacing the original battery. After two charging cycles , the phone stopped receiving charge and the charging indicator LED will no go off.. When connected to a charger, it indicates it is charging but it actually consumes more energy, spending about 5% to 8% battery every 10 minutes.

The battery is an official Alcatel replacement part.

I tried replacing the original battery but the problem persists.

There is no apparent damage to the charging port.

I have tried another charger, with no success.

Connecting the phone to the computer allows me to access all USB functions but even if set to charging mode, no charge goes to the battery.

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Are you that "charging mode" isn't supplying power instead of charging itself?


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Battery's bunk. Get a new or replacement one from where you got bunk one


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Reverted to the original battery and the problem persisted.

I only got the replacement because its life time was getting very low, about 3 to 4 hours long on stand by.

So you still don't have a known good one? If the battery isn't the issue then it's the charging circuit. We may have a guy here for that

I was able to get the new battery tested on another phone that uses the exact same battery model and in that phone the battery took up charge so yes, the problem may reside in the charging circuit.

How can I get a hold on the person in question?

@refectio they've requested an audience with your awesomeness!


I'll drop the guy a line.



Install this app, charge it a few times and check your battery health:

Then tell us what it says.


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I'll do this as soon as I can and post back some data.

The phone is too old and is not supported by the app.

Thanks for the thought, tho.


Try to change the battery


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Again? The original only got replaced because it was getting very short lived, even on stand by, and after reverting back to it, the problem persisted.



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