Echo SRM-225 Trimmer. This model replaced the SRM-210. The most common repairs for this device are straight forward and can be done quickly.

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Echo Trimmer Won't start

I have an Echo SRM 225 Trimmer. Full disclosure I left the fuel in it all winter. When I started the season it would start then quit, but re-start at a later point. At some point it just stopped starting. I took the following steps:

*Emptied the gas tank and put clean fuel in

*Cleaned the Carb with Carb Cleaning Fluid

*Replaced the air filter and spark plug

*Replaced the fuel line system

*Finally replaced the carb

It still won't start. Any idea of what else could be wrong?


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thank you! I will look at that.


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Do a compression test on the cylinder . Odds are when you were running the machine with a plugged carb you had a lean burn condition and as such didn't have the proper amount of fuel going into the cylinder which can cause the cylinder head to burn . The fuel acts as a cooling agent for the engine and if theres not enough fuel in the cylinder it doesn't get the cooling it needs . If the cylinder head is burnt you wont have proper compression. Hope this helps


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One other thing to check is the in tank filter may be clogged with green goo from old gas

thank you. I will look at that!



Yes most common fault, we put our strimmer away for the year and go to start it in the new season and it won’t fire.

Quickest way to eliminate ignition faults ie no spark, get some carburettor cleaner about £5-6 (protect your eyes please do I didn’t)

Air filter carb cover off and one squirt,

Try to start it... if it fires briefly then it’s fuel issues.

Give the general area a good clean and blow deposits away, taking care around the carb.


Firstly drench the carb with cleaner.

Starting at the tank.

Wash it out thoroughly.

Clean the filter with carb cleaner to remove solidify particulates and blow with compressed air or replace.

Check fuel lines and primer bulb for splits. Replace if found.

Now fill with fresh fuel, don’t use fuel from last year or the last from your mixed bottle.

Get the mixture right, read the manual most brands have it marked on them.

Now try it!


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Replaced carburetor spark plug new gas new filter new line s new gas filter still not start


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