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Front and rear camera, flashlight and earpiece not working

Recently changed the battery in my phone and now the rear and front camera, the flashlight and the earpiece do not work.

What do u need to replace to fix this problem?

Thanks for help

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I have opened the phone up. Disconnected the front camera connector. Turned the phone on and the rear camera and flashlight now works.

Upon connecting the connector again I found that the rear camera and flashlight still works while the screen is not seated but upon seating the screen down they do no work again

Something must be shorting out but can't see it

Exactly as I found. I'll try a new assembly, but my current one looks fine.


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Just replaced the FCAM ass.

Success!! Everything is back to normal.

I'm not sure why exactly exchanging batteries made the FCAM ass. fail in two identical situations, I can only assume it was because OP and I didn't think to remove front screen entirely and it was damaged in the process.

Best thing is, I contacted the battery seller as they advertised a better battery than what I received and they are sending me another one. For the Au$16 mistake of requiring another FCAM ass. it looks like this phones going to last for years to come.

Best of luck OP, please keep us updated.



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I've just ordered the front camera assembly so I'll get back with the results in a few days once it arrives.

Replaced Front camera assembly and success! Front camera, rear camera, flash light and earpiece now work perfectly. Thanks for the help. SOLVED

Awesome mate, glad to hear, no problem at all.


Thank you for these recommendations! Just replaced the front camera in daughter’s 6 plus and success!!!


That is odd. Those components are on three separate flexes and independent drive circuits on the logic board. The only common denominator I can see is some pry damage that occurred when you removed the screen connectors. Those connectors are surrounded by tiny surface mount components that are part of the circuitry for the cameras, flashes and the earpiece.

You will need to open up the phone again and do a thorough visual inspection, preferably with magnification. Look for partially or fully dislodged components. If this is indeed your problem, then this will require a micro-soldering repair and is not DIY.

You could also try to do a full DFU Restore first (backup your data!) to eliminate any potential software or corruption issues.


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As I and OP Have stated in other comments,

do you think it's possible for the front cam assembly to cause a short to the board or IC chip?

Could it be a damaged IC or logic board?

I'm using an OEM battery , I reseated the battery and it appears to be seated correctly.

Sure, both the the FCAM and the RCAM get their power from the same source (PMU). So if one is bad, it can put the PMU in current limiting mode and cause both cameras to fail or in a worst case scenario, even kill the PMU.


I also have this specific issue, only changed out the battery (didn't even remove the screen), and then both cameras, torch and earpiece speaker ceased working.

I have inspected ribbons/connectors and all appear fine,

Have just undergone DFU restore to no avail,

Suspected motherboard damage, but I don't know how this could have happened.

Edit: Opening the phone, the rear camera/torch works, then ceases once the phone is closed again.

Further proving my below suspicion that the front camera ribbon is the culprit.


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Yeah I never removed the screen as well. Was pretty careful not to touch any other components. I also opened it back up and reseated the connectors and that didn't work.

I'm at a loss at this stage

I've ordered a new front camera, I'll swap it out in three days and let you know if that worked, it's possible the ribbon was damaged while wrestling the battery out, and perhaps that's made a short circuit to the board failing the rear camera.

From what I've read if the rear camera doesn't work, the torch won't either, even though they are seperate. I assume that's something to do with the software.

I really struggled removing the battery and it did breifly catch on fire, however it was no where near any other components.

With the phone open, the rear camera/torch started working again, but stops working when the phone is closed, I believe this further proves my assumption the front camera ribbon assembly is the culprit.

Mine actually caught fire briefly too. I pierced the battery accidentally. We have the exact same issue. Does your ear speaker work though? Please let me know if the front camera assembly fixes the problem because I'll order one if it does.

My ear speaker doesn't work, I hope to have the part delivered today and I'll install it in the next 6 hours.



Opening the phone, the rear camera and torch works, then ceases once the phone is closed again.

Further proving my suspicion the front camera ribbon is the culprit.

I will test a new assembly in three days and provide an update.

I think my comments are getting booted because I used a forward slash..


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I believe the issue is a short in the front cam assembly.

I've removed mine, and my rear camera and torch are working again. I've just got to wait a few days to get my new assembly and make sure that's definitely the case.

Ill give this a go a report back. Cheers


Could this issue occur randomly without opening the phone? Cause this is what happened to me. I think I dropped the phone before both cameras and the flashlight stopped working.

Sorry for opening this thread again


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Well, I think if you dropped the phone, and the display popped off a little then maybe, but im my situation the flex cable ripped causing a short to the front camera. If the display popped off then you could have a micro tear in the flex. I would replace the camera flex, but test by taking off the front camera flex at the connection and see if the flash starts working again, and if so; you have a bad flex!

Thanks, I will check it out!


i got schematic..found power lines, replaced power lines…tekbotz


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I didn’t change my battery nor did my phone fell off...my camera and torchlight just stopped working...atimes they do come on though...bust most times they don’t



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