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My XPS 15 has a bright pixel, can screen be replaced?

I'd like to buy a screen and replace it on my own , is it possible? Is there a tutorial to help me ?

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It's possible, but:

1. It won't be inexpensive, as the entire top half of the system needs to be replaced. Prices vary on eBay depending on the type of the screen: https://www.ebay.com/sch/15-6-Screens-an...

2. It WILL void your warranty to replace the screen and as far as I know dead pixels on a screen should be replaceable under warranty, because you couldn't possibly inflict that sort of damage yourself, but don't quote me on that...

I found this Youtube tutorial on how to take it apart, to put it back together do everything in reverse order:



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I contacted Dell to fix my laptop , Dell asked me almost 500Euros (380Euros screen price and 140 for service) to replace my screen (it has a bright pixel at the center of the screen) . That's a shame 'cause my laptop only has 5 months of life.

Well then, try fixing it yourself. I've provided you with the links you need.

yeah , i will try... I'm so thankful of your help... Just one more thing , do you know if model 9550 screen is compatible with 9560 screen ? I have a xps 15 9560, and i don't find screens on ebay :(

Yeah, they should be compatible, mainly because the XPS 9560 is only the refresh version of the 9550: the only difference between those models is the updated CPU.


It may not be necessary to replace your entire screen because of 1 stuck pixel. Take a pencil with an eraser and gently rub the eraser end of the pencil in a circular motion over the stuck pixel. This is not guarenteed to work but it's worth a try. Also depending on your OS, there are programs that can cycle your screen in an effort to reset repair a stuck pixel. I would try these options first. They require little effort and cost nothing and just may save you bundle in repair cost. Always try the simplest solutions first. Good Luck.


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I've already tried these solutions , but unluckly they didn't work

I'm sorry to hear my suggestions did not work. However the good news is that any laptop screen can be replaced. First, remember Google is your friend. Do as much research as you can on replacing laptop screens. This is no small job and you must work slowly and carefully to insure you don't do additional damage. Download the repair manual for your particular laptop. These are usually available on the manufacturers website. Google replacement screens for your make and model. There are many third party replacement screens available. Laptop screens come in a variety of sizes and I'm sure you'll find one that fits your needs. Be sure to get a no-dead-pixel gaureentee or you'll kick yourself if go to the trouble of replacing your laptop screen to discover it's just as bad or worse than the one your replacing. While you are replacing your screen, you may as well go for a higher resolution. I'm sure you'll be successful because you haven't given up. This is the key to success. Good Luck!


I have had much luck running “pixel correction” videos on computers with bad pixels.

I know this may be what Larry was referring to, but you can find ones of these videos on you tube.

I’ve successfully brought back to life many screens this way, it may take days of video correction, but it may help.


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