Mid 2010 Model A1278 / 2.4 or 2.66 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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Laptop off when no charger


I have a big problem with my macbook pro so here I am.

My laptop is a macbook pro 13" from 2010, model 7.1 with processor core 2 duo 2,4GHz. Under El Capitan.

My laptop started to turn off overtime I unplug the charger. My battery is at 31% and the light on the charger is green instead of orange. If the laptop is off and the charger is not plugged in, it does not turn on. I tried the reset the SMC as recommended but the problem is still there. My app Battery Monitor tells me that my battery is not dead, as I expected it (I changed it only 2 years ago).

Do you know what the problem can be and how can I fix it please ?


Some girl in need on your help.

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Let's get a better look at the condition of that battery. Please download, install and run Coconut Battery and post your results: http://www.coconut-flavour.com/coconutba...

UPDATE 8/17/17

This model is known to run hot but lets try removing the fan and cleaning the vent, here how to get it out:

MacBook Pro 13" Unibody 中期 2010 风扇更换

This failing, you need to examine the logic board around the heat sink looking to see if there is an oily residue. If present it indicates that the heat sink has leaked and needs to be replaced along with the thermal paste.


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Thank you for the idea, here it is : Coconut Battery

Great, thank you. That battery is at midlife. It's was made in 2010 so you did get old stock when you replaced it. It has 90% of the original capacity. It's just not charged up and is currently not charging.

With you getting a green light on the adapter and it not turning to orange, I would first reseat the battery to logic board connection. I'd like to then test the mag-safe to see if it is putting out power. If you have access to another Mac hook it up to that machine to test (run Coconut Battery there too to make sure. Inspect the magsafe port on your machine to make sure there is nothing possibly shorting it out (I've seen a broken staple do that. How black are the connectors? Is there anything in the machines history, like impact or liquid damage?

I went to see that with my father. He was not sure how to proceed as I do not have any other macbook like mine around me. I will try to diagnose it by my shop in order to know what the issue is. Hopefully it is something I can fix myself. I will tell you what the professionals tell me !

Chloé They don't come anymore professional than I am and no one has more years of Apple experience (that's still alive) save Steve Wozniak.

Then lucky me ! The thing is I don't know how to proceed if I cannot have any other macbook in order to test my charger etc..



I have no previous experience in Macs, but all points the battery. Seems the battery it's somewhere bad with the cells. Inside the battery are some smaller batteries, and when one of them is wrong, it discharges very fast, and it's not providing the electricity the computer needs. The sensor detects that the bad cell is charged, and says its at 31%, but it will drain quick and it will be dead fast. You can search some software about the health of the battery (maybe can check each cell and tell which is bad)


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Indeed my battery was 31% yesterday and today it is at 29%, even if I have not used my laptop between these moments. But it still charges my cellphone if I plug it.


Hi Chloé,

I would also assume it is the battery that is faulty. If you take out the battery all together and just use the charger, does it work okay and stay powered on? If it does then I would say the battery is definitely the culprit. I had a battery in an old acer laptop and even at 99% charge as soon as the charger was removed it would power off.

Also it doesn't really matter when the battery was changed, it is very dependent on cells used, how frequently it is charged and if it is charged fully. You can buy a replacement battery on ebay, might be cheaper than going to a repair store.

Good luck.


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Hi, I am sorry for replying so late (I just noticed your comment). I will also try this, thank you ! And I will let you know the result.



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