Keyboard cable connector to circuit board loose connection

MacBook Pro 15" early 2008

I'm rebuilding a friend's MB Pro 2008 non-unibody. At first when I opened it up, the keyboard connector to the main board seemed to function fine. I had to remove it from the main board plug and did so very gently with a spuger. It had the non-conducting tape over it.

I put in a new SSD replacement and put things back together with no problems. However, on testing I noticed the cooling fans didn't spin up as easily as they should. So, pulled off the keyboard again and replaced the fans (both left and right). Then, when I was putting it back together, the keyboard and trackpad didn't work . I have checked the ribbon cable and connections downstream of the main board and they are good. What I did notice is that the main board connector (rectangular inset) doesn't seat well on the main board connector and if I put pressure on the front right corner, the keyboard and trackpad work fine. As soon as I let up on the pressure, the keyboard and trackpad stop working.

So, my question is about this rectangular inset connector. Does it have some sort of use once and throw away problems?

I've read a tons of posts about the frailty of this ribbon cable system on this model.

I've ordered a replacement cable to see if the connector is somehow worn or warped. However, I don't have high hopes.

Ideas? Help? Advice?

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