Why are my lower brake and turn signals not working

i was having problems as far as my battery. a couple of days prior to

having the light problem i would go to start my car and the it was dead so i had to get a jump. then suddenly one day i go to use my turn signals and they dont work. i assumed that the brake lights were also out. i checked and the upper brake in the back window worked but no lower tail or brake lights or turn signals. i tried my hazard and they worked. i checked my fuses and just to be sure they were good i went ahead and replaced them. checked the connections for corrosion and they were good. the next day i go to move my car and suddenly the brake lights and signals are working again. please help i dont want to be suddenly stranded somewhere. thanking you all

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might be a loose wire, or a relay issue. Have you had your car scanned for codes, if not do so.