Do you think I can fix the speakers?

I hadn't used the speakers in while and I pulled them out the other day. They worked for one day then the next time I tried I heard a quiet electronic noise sound but could not get them to work. Is it worth it to try to fix them?

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Do other speakers still work on your computer?


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Thanks for the email. If we resolve your problem here then it may help others. Now that you have tried your speakers with your iPod and found them good. Lets look at your MacBook. First go under the Apple (upper left hand corner) to System Preferences - Hardware - Sound - Output and check to see if you have selected "line out". Now check the lower part of this box and make sure the mute is not checked and move the volume bar to test the output. You may find your problem has been resolved.


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Good answer +

Dear Mayer,

Sorry it has taken me a couple days to get back to you but I was away for a few days. I tried your suggestion above. When I go to the Output window it says:

Under the 'Name' column: Internal Speakers and under the 'Type' column: Built in.

But it doesn't give me an option to choose or add anything else.

In the "Input" window there are 2 choices. The current selection is: Internal microphone/built-in microphone. The other choice is: Line In/built in input.

Seems like this could be the problem but I don't see a way to change it to "line out" anywhere.

Thanks again,


plug the speakers in and restart, then try it


Probably not

unless your time is of no value... speaker cones do dry and crack... pita to mess with and a set of good small speakers can be found for < 20$



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These are Altecs, not "$20" speakers. Altec Lansing is a high end audio speaker company and their computer speakers are not the same as cheap stuff. The most expensive Logitech system (about $550) isn't as good as the cheapest Altec. They're the gold standard for this stuff as far as things you can buy in some (not all!) stores goes. I don't think they make them any more and you want all you can get from what's left. Once you've heard them it's tough to go back.

The connectors go on these tings. Replace them. This is not easy.


yes the cones do dry out and crack after awhile. if you are not into taking them apart and finding suitable replacements(sometimes better ones can be found) and soldering them back in and reassembling them its better to just replace all together.

however if you do take them apart and dont feel like chasing them down on amazon or wherever, often radio shack has pretty decient replacements. ALSO you can also see their line of computer speakers there and weigh out your options...


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Like any computer amplified speakers , you can use any external passive speakers set (like your beautiful old 5feet vintage HiFi TEAC speakers that you don't use anymore) instead of internal ones. It is worth a try and non destructive since you don't short speakers output.

Just unsolder original speakers and add a parrallel standard cable, trying to respect polarity to avoid sound dephasing, even more if it's a 2.1 system with subwoofer.

You could be very surprised what just few watts can do with good sensitive speakers!



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