Wont power on after bad shut down. USB stick came loose.

When shutting down I dislodged the USB stick I had been using while it was registered as storage. The usual messages came up that you get when a storage device comes out without using control to log it off. I've had those before, but not when the tablet was closing down. This time the messages flashed by and the screen went blank suddenly without the switching off logo stuff.

Concerned I tried to restart straight away with the USB in, with it out and without sd card without success.

Putting it on charge l get a blank screen.

Battery had been showing around 78% before I shut down.

I've left it charging 5-6 hours on the original charger (charger, cable and

plug all tested with electrical tester and OK)

Done all the button pressing tricks, with different "charger in", " charger out" combinations, including disconnecting the battery and pressing power to drain the capacitors.

I can't connect it to my PC. It's dead like plugging in a cable that isn't attached to anything.

Suggestions please.

Update (06/12/2017)


Stripdown has revealed a crack in the screen glass ribbon. but that should not stop power up button, and charge display functioning.

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