Asus ZenFone 2 (ZE551ML) is an Android smartphone manufactured by ASUS released March 2015.

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Why its charging very slow? It takes hour to get 8%

I have problem with charging it, it takes about an hour to increase battery level to 8%, I 've checked the battery still good as new, & it decrease normally.. Only problem is in charging, please advise what to do..

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This could be related to the charger. How old is the charger and does have you tried using a different power cable/ power box? After time the hardware gets worn out and can slow down and maybe not even work at all. Has the device ever gotten wet or has anything damaged the charging port?


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Dear I have changed my charger & cable, my previous charger & cable are still perfect when I charge other phones, the thing is Im having same problem with any charger & cable,

P. S. It's been only 10 months since I bought my Zenfone 2, despite of this problem.. it works perfectly.. But it takes half day daily to get full charged.

Device never got wet, neither thing damaged charging port, I wish there's online troubleshoot program so I can get more clarification.

Since it's only been 10 months see if it's under any kind of warranty before going further. This problem could also be caused by a faulty charging port, faulty motherboard or a faulty battery.

I found a guide on how to replace the battery but it requires some experience and time. You can buy batteries on multiple websites like amazon or maybe at a local cell phone shop.

华硕 ZenFone 2 电池更换

Good luck and let me know if you have any further questions.


Hi Justin, thanks for your comment, actually it still under guaranty & I went to Asus agent to check it.. He assured me that Battery doing great, mother board good too.. & nothing wrong with charging port neither charging base.. as any cable I plug; it fit as new & charges immediately but the same problem still resident. He just advised me to back up my data then format the device.. But its not reasonble. Anyway I'll keep searching for most effective related solution then take action as I use it alot & need it so much & don't want risk loosing some data by mistake now.. May be next weekend I might have time,

I really hope someone figure out what to do.

Thanks & have a nice day

Hi Justin , I have the same problem after install the asus update for nougart . I am using Zen phone 4 max . I have monitor and done several trouble shoot and found out that it seems to be the Android OS problem . What you need to do is do a restart just before you need to charge the phone and the charging time will be ok . But if I dont restart the phone before charging , it will take 9-10 hrs to do a full charge , I have noticed that it will take an hour to charge 10% without restart. Will likely to do a factory reset an monitor again , becuase if restart will slove the charging problem , it seems to be a software problem to me . Hope the above helps ......



Did you have solved your problem? I have the same issue!


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Hi friends,

I found this very helpful video addressing this issue. Have a look.. It worked for me:


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Would be nice with a 5.5V charger. Then we could use longer cables.


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