The March 2015 update of Apple's 13" MacBook Air features fifth generation Intel Core i5 and i7 processors, resulting in slightly increased performance and battery life.

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After water damage, everything works but won't power on with battery

My daughter's MBA took "shower."

It was sent for repair, a 3rd party vendor, and they said the cable to the track pad was damaged and was replaced. Since coming back from the repair shop, it never worked right. (Very suspicious of the vendor...I will call them tomorrow as this is Sunday.)

The problem now is that it won't power on with the battery. It will power on with MagSafe with the "battery disconnected."

It will not power on with battery alone.

It will not power on with battery connected.

It will ONLY power on with MagSafe and battery disconnected.

Surprising thing is that the battery charges AND MBA will work with the battery once the computer starts. Once fully charged, the battery also lasts 9 hr plus.

Questions to the experts here:

1. Do I have a battery problem? (A replacement battery is on the way from Amazon.)

2. Do I have a logic board problem? (How much is it? Best place to buy?)

3. There are 6ish wires from the battery to the logic board. Where can I get information as to what each line does?

Thank you in advance.

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wait for the battery and keep us posted.

did you look for signs of corrosion on the motherboard?

did the shop removed and clean the motherboard?

A new battery did not solve the power on problem.

+Oros I saw no signs of corrosion - doesn't mean there aren't any I suppose. The vendor told me it was cleaned and working.... At least there are offering to take it back for 2nd round without additional fee. This, disconnecting the battery to turn on appears to be a common problem after water 'incident.' I will keep you guys updated.

Send it back to them to solve the problem.

+Oros. I agree. It's going back tomorrow.



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It's fixed!

According to the repair shop, the trackpad cable was again the culprit. The cable was replaced under warranty.

It case anyone is interested, their website is ''.


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Check for the battery sticker colour. If it is pink, red or white with a horizontal stripe, the battery is damaged. test your battery in another compatible phone. If it turns on , well battery is in good condition else, You know....


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This is MacBook Air. I didn't see battery sticker color. Thanks for dropping by.


give it back and repair it again


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They 'fixed it', again. The computer is on its way. I will keep you guys posted. Thanks dropping by.



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