Automatic Repair is not showing up even after multiple restarts

I am using a Dell Inspiron 15 Windows 8.1 with a Windows 10 update.

Yesterday when I got home from an amusement park I was going to get on my laptop. It was not connected to a charger and was completely shut down, by the way. I went to turn it on and here's what happened:

It did come on and acted like it was going to start up like always. But right when I noticed it was taking longer than usual to boot up, a blue screen with a sad face came up that said "Your PC ran into an error and needs to restart." with something that said "STOP CODE: NTFS FILE SYSTEM". Then it restarted on it's own over and over for like 3 hours. I finally got fed up and looked it up, and it said after a few restarts a thing called Automatic Repair would come up. I watched videos and everything but nothing works.

I've also tried to manually restart my computer with the power button a few times to get this Automatic Repair thing built-in to my laptop to come up but to no avail. I've even messed around in my Setup at start-up. I've tried looking up how to manually boot up Automatic Repair but everything says "stuck in automatic repair loop" etc etc. I'm utterly lost.

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Try pressing F8 while booting right after bootscreen.

Like u get msg to enter setup presß F1 etc. After tht keep pressing F8 repeatedly and u will get debug screen try to boot in safemode or last good know. Config


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this did not do anything, sadly:(


This is a challenge in that you upgraded from Win 8.1 to Win 10 and probably do not have a rescue disk for Win 10. You can try to download Windows 10 from but you will need a license for Windows. You should be able to make a bootable USB from the download, you will need 32 GB.

If you have another computer with Win 10, you can try setting up the drive as an external and connect it to the other computer to run disk checks. There are some other tools available online but be careful not to download from dodgy sources, look for disk rescue utilities.

Good luck


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I will definitely look into it, thanks.



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