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White screen with grey line

I dropped my iPhone flat on the face. It now will only show a white screen with a couple lines sometimes.

No cracked glass, it does still ring and I can answer and talk as long as I guess where to swipe it.

It seems like to me that I just need to replace the LCD and not the glass or digitizer or anything else - can anyone confirm my thought?


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I tend to agree with you. You may try to reset your phone and see if that will make a difference. Also, when you open it make sure that all connectors are seated. But ultimately I believe you will need a new LCD. Good Luck and let us know how it is going. But just as a sidebar. It can be a PITA to replace the LCD only it is a lot easier and faster if you replace the complete unit; LCD, Glass etc.


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Thanks for your reply! I did replace the LCD and it worked again!!

The only problem is that I now get no sound from my headset. I do however get sound from an earpiece and speakerphonce. My research on google seems to indicate that I may have damaged ribbon #3 as part of this process? Can anyone confirm this? I guess at least I can use the phone again now as long as I have my headset with me.

Cable 1 LCD display

Cable 2 Touchscreen sensor and home button

Cable 3 earpiece speaker and proximity sensor

4,5,6 GPS, antenna and camera cable

Hope this is the info you needed.


mine has the same problem...waas it hard to replace it? and how much does the lcd cost? please answer =) nd thanks if you do =)


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liza... this was the very first problem on an iphone I ever repaired. read the guide several times to get familiar with how things are disconnected to get to the lcd. take care with connector 3... most have a tab that you flip to open, dont just pull at the tab or flex to get it out. Go slow and you'll be fine. if I can do it and many others have you'll be fine. if you get stuck just come back and we'll help.All the best, jen. Ps you can buy the LCD here or plenty of other places like ebay


thanks for replying jen =) and which guide?? the one that comes with the new lcd?? yea my sis ordered one from ebay yesterday so it should be here in a couple days and thanks again so much for the help i really appreciate it alot


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the guide on ifixit is linked under the photo of the phone in the top right of this page, it's pretty good and between your 2 guides you should be fine. :-)


Hi everyone,

My iphone has a white and/or gray circles on the screen. it showed up until it was hit by a raindrop; i was able to wipe it right away though... has anyone experienced it? or is it something new?

Today, there's a white vertical line almost reaching the center of the screen. I don't know if it can still be fixed.

I will place it inside the car for a few hours under the sun since the heat is much higher... it could be a good workaround to get rid of the liquid inside the LCD... i'm crossing my fingers


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