Fade to white screen. Display panel interchangable with Mid 2009 MBP?


A friend of mine owns the Mid A1342 plastic unibody MacBook. She has the issue that it randomly starts fading to a white screen and at least sometimes the MacBook freezes (Sounds from Netflix stops in the background). When it starts happening, she can sometimes counteract the issue by slowly changing the angle of the display.

I read up on this issue and multiple answers suggest that this may be a faulty display cable or display panel.

1. Is it likely that changing the lcd panel will fix the fade to white screen and freezing issues?

I have an old 13" MacBook Pro Mid 2009 with a broken logic board. As far as I remember the display was working perfectly fine. In the lcd panel replacement guides of the plastic MacBook and the MacBook Pro, the two panels (and the positioning of the cable connectors on the logic board) look virtually the same.

2. Would it be possible to remove the lcd panel from the Mid 2009 MBP and install it in the Mid 2010 White Unibody MacBook?

Thank you!

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When it fades to white, it is more likely to be the LCD itself, not the cable. The A1278 LCDs (MacBook Pro 13" 2008-2012) are compatible with the 2009-2010 A1342 MacBook 13".

Swapping the LCD will resolve picture freezing issues, but if the whole MacBook is freezing (anything other than the picture), that would indicate a secondary fault. If I were you, I would swap the LCD first, which will then allow you to fully test the MacBook properly.


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Thanks a lot! I will try to swap the LCD and then see what happens!



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