Err message, mirror stuck in up position, live view & auto focus work

Good day everyone,

My Nikon D7000 had this "err" message when I made a mistake of moving the camera from a very cold outdoor (-30 degC) into a warm humid room. Immediately the camera displayed the err message, the mirror stay in up position after taking a photo, no photo recorded, it's all black. Pressing the release button again would return the mirror to normal position.

Since then I have removed the back of the camera and dry it with hair dryer, dry under the sun etc... The camera has been working again on and off for a year, but now it is not working any more doesn't matter what I did. I open the camera all the way to the shutter assembly (did not remove it because it looks very good). There's no apparent humidity inside the camera anymore.

For troubleshooting below are what I tried:

- Good CF card

- Full charge battery (I have a backup battery too)

- Clean contact, try with different lense

- Live view work, just won't take any photo

- Auto focus, flash and all other functions work.

- I slight press the release shutter button to have the autofocus on, then pressing the "Aperture view" button after setting aperture to 22 in aperture mode, and I can see in the view finder that the image is dimmer as it should, meaning the aperture control unit still works?

- Mirror lock up for sensor cleaning works

- When taking the photo, I can hear the shutter fires and closes, except that the mirror is stuck in up position. No image save (or it's all black).

What do you think is the damaged parts here? Shutter assembly? Main board, or Aperture control unit?

Any suggestion appreciated!


Update (05/22/2017)

Updated, in case anyone is reading. Main board changed, exact same thing happened. My next target is the aperture control unit. This unit failed a lot in the D80, could it happen on the D7000 too?

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Have the same problem on my D7100


hi @Eric, did you manage to fix the camera? If yes, what was the problem?


@khanhaho ,

see here: Aperture arm.

It helped me but not 100%, my mirror now has problem at high shutter speed from 1000 to 8000.

Need to replace the aperture.


@eric, thanks!


did anyone ever resolve this issue? I have a D7100 that started displaying the message last year. I replace the body with the D7500. I still have the D7100 and would like to fix it if possible. Feel free to email me with any comments as I probably would get any notification from here. thank you