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Is not charging showing usb plug symbol only.

Just install a new battery 616-0435 from ifixit and for some reason the phone won't charge at all. When plugging in the charger it will show the lighting symbol real quick then turn into usb plug symbol.

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What happened that made you change the battery? Did it charge okay before you replaced it?


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check connector 4 is on and clean

check battery screws under don't remove sticker are on properly

try different charge lead

try reset- press and hold power and home button for 10 sec then allow to reboot


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didn't work,do you think is something have to do with the latest iphone firmware from apple causing the problem?

most times when you can't charge the problem is hardware. the points easiest to fix are battery/power connections. after this you're looking at motherboard parts which are tiny.

Have you also checked the dock connector pins etc? any chance you may have damaged them?

If this doesn't work then I'd put the old battery back in and see what happens. If it works then you should send the new battery back. Check that the part number on your old battery matches that on the new for next time.

Go ahead and try to restore phone but if it isn't charging you may not be able to complete the restore and will get error 21 etc from itunes


My parents short curcit the original battery by plugging the charger to outlet. When it happen the iphone only showed a broken battery sign everytime I turn it on. From there replace it with Ifix battery and it worked except charging sign,restore the phone 10x times include updating it to 4.2. But something is wrong because now it charged for 10-15 sec then usb symbol comes on. Before that it would do lighting symbol then switch to usb symbol real fast.

Think I got a bad ifix battery?


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should I drain the battery??

I think pollytintop is right on this one. I wonder if the overcharge shortened the charging circuit and therefore your battery really does not charge. I do not think that you got a bad battery. It's not impossible but I doubt it.

how much does the logic board go for?


Apparently there are two fuses that are on your logic board I believe that may actually be part of the problem. I figured that there is a possibility that the accidentally overcharge may have "blown" on or both of these. Here is a link with the location of these. It might help to check on them before replacing the logic board....

Hope this will help you out.


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I faced this problem too.i tried many ways but i could not solved this i bought a new apple genuine charger whos voltage is very accurate(4.7 watt and 1mA).now my iphone charged very quickly and am so happy.thanks a lot for my solution.

i hope your iphone will charge easily and correctly without any problem

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