Model A1502 / 2.4, 2.6, or 2.8 GHz dual-core Intel processor / Released October 2013

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MBP Retina A1502 Logic Board DEAD


I have a MBP Retina A1502

Yesterday I was watching netflix and it turned off suddenly. I pressed power and it showed that image with different languages warning a problem then it appears the apple logo and the bar was loading and then it turned off suddenly again.

NOW it is completely DEAD

I unplugged the battery, plugged again and tried o power it... NOTHING


unplugged the battery and plug the CORD directly without battery .... NOTHING.

What should I do?

What to TEST next?

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Does the light on your charger turn green/orange when you plug it in? Any spilled liquids recently?

Yes. The lights on the MagSafe works properly

It sounds like you have a kernel panic issue caused by an issue with the logic board. Has the computer been water damaged in the past? Dropped badly? There is likely a power rail that is being short circuited intermittently, causing the kernel panic.


Actually it has a tiny drop of water on the logic board. Really tiny. How can I fix it? Can you help me? I would pay for your REMOTE help

This is iFixit, there is no need to pay me a cent! That being said, there is only so much I can help you with remotely. Also, in order for you to be able to fix it, you need a multimeter, soldering and rework equipment, schematics and boardviews



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Angelo, this is not an answer to your specific question but it is 'free' advice I am offering you (suitable for framing or wrapping fish :>); please don't take offense. You have mentioned on this and other forums that you would be willing to pay for remote help/teaching, that you have good micro-soldering skills but less so on understanding schematics.

Remote teaching and troubleshooting is very difficult and requires that both parties speak the same language. I am not talking about English/Portuguese but the language of electronics. I believe this is where you need to focus your short term efforts. If you don't understand what a capacitor or inductor or transistor/MOSFET is, how they work and how to test them, then you will always struggle to understand a schematic and troubleshooting will be difficult.

If you are going to be doing board level repairs as a business, I think you should be investing time and effort to understand at least the basics of electronics. You don't need to be an engineer! Once you understand what a component does and how it behaves, you will know how to test it and whether or not it can be shorted or removed.

This is a good tutorial on how engineers deliver clean power to IC's. This is very relevant as the majority of the capacitors on an iDevice/Mac logic board are there for this specific reason. There are several articles in the series and they touch on capacitors and ferrite beads (filters). Another good source of materials is ElectronicTutorials. There are also some good youtube channels such as Afrotechmods, AddOhms and of course the EEVBlog.

Invest in your business and in your skills and it will pay itself back! In the future, when someone suggests you check a voltage rail or filter, you will know what to look for and how to test it. Schematics will start making sense and pretty soon, you will be the one answering logic board questions on iFixit!!


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@refectio hope you and your family did not get affected by the floodings. Stay safe!

@oldturkey03 no, we're fine. We're up higher, so we don't get flooding in the spring. The part of town on lower land did get flooded earlier this spring (first time since I've been here for 30 years).

@refectio that is good news.....glad you and yours are safe. It's always sad to hear how quickly people can lose their lives and worldly possessions



First of all thanks for your post.

I don't think REMOTE teaching is hard, regardless of the subject. Like Einstein said:

"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough."

I do have some of the basics of electronics, but going with 1-to-1 tutoring would be like going from point A to B with a GPS. Going without a GPS is a possible way however it will take more time and resources. As simple as that.



You should always start with a thorough diagnostic, report your findings then we can help.


then you should clean the board

How to Correctly clean corrosion from a MacBook Pro logic board.

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4 hours

MacBook Pro张图片


How to Correctly clean corrosion from a MacBook Pro logic board.



2 hours


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I am need help with LOGIC BOARD REPAIR. Thats the problem


Are you able to REMOTELY help?

With what specifically?


With LOGIC BOARD REPAIR on this A1502 DEAD board.

How much do you charge per REMOTE HELP per hour?


Try unplugging the battery without your power cord plugged in and holding the power button down for 10-15 seconds. Then plug the battery down to the board, plug the charger into your computer, and try turning it on.


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Gonna try it right now and post to you back!



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