Portable Cd player burnt because of wrong voltage.


My JVC Portable cd player model XL-P40 got burnt because of wrong voltage.

My cd player only supported 6V, but I plugged it in my car which was 12V, then I noticed the smell of burning plastic, and after minutes of working, it stopped working. I've even seen smoke coming from the on/off switch. I cried a lot because of this beautiful cd player that I screwed up.

Is this fixable?


Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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Hi @marsoff ,

Hopefully only the power input section of the player was damaged by the application of the incorrect voltage supply.

The best course of action would be to obtain a service manual for the player as this will provide the information on how to open the player (hopefully) but more importantly will have the schematic circuit diagram of the player and also the parts list which will make for an easier repair.

You could always open the player to see what has happened, but if some components have been burnt beyond recognition it will be difficult to determine what they were and their value etc. so that they can be replaced. It will also be more difficult to find out what is wrong if there were more components which were damaged but which is not evident to the eye.

I cannot find any free service manuals online but here is a link to one supplier that has the manual available for purchase. You'll have to contact them to find out the price and then determine if it is reasonable. There may be other suppliers online that will suit you better. Just search for JVC XL-P40 service manual for results.

Hopefully this is of some help.

Update (05/08/2017)


It seems that the component that has been destroyed is not shown on the service manual circuit diagram that @oldturkey03 has supplied or in your copy either.

We suspect that it may have possibly been a fuse or some other kind of protection device and are wondering if this fuse would be a suitable replacement to try.

The dimensions are given so once you have removed the remnants of the old component you could measure the distance between the solder tabs to ensure that the replacement would fit.

Use a fine tipped soldering iron when unsoldering the old and soldering on the new component as you do not want to cause any more damage by applying excessive heat etc.

Once you have completed the repair, before you connect any power to the player (battery or external adapter) I suggest that you connect an Ohmmeter (function found in a DMM -Digital MultiMeter) across the external power supply input terminals, operate the player's On switch and see if the Ohmmeter displays a reading at all. Try all the resistance scales of the meter to ensure that there is every chance of a reading being displayed.

If there is a very low reading (0 - <3 Ohms) then there is a further problem in the player and if you apply power you are in danger of blowing the new fuse you just put in.

If there is no reading at all, whatever scale you choose, then again there is a further problem in the player. Also check that you have set up the Ohmmeter correctly ;-)

Ensure that when you test using the meter that you apply the meter leads both ways, i.e. first with the leads connected to the +ve and -ve input and then with them connected to the -ve and +ve input. This may sound a bit odd but there are diodes involved and they conduct in one direction only that is why you have to reverse the meter leads.

Here is an image of the part of the circuit where you should test using the Ohmmeter

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge for better viewing.

For any other reading it may be OK to apply power to the player and see what happens. I suggest that you use the battery option as you know that there will be only 6V DC supplied


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Thanks, you've saved my life. If my cd player gets repaired, I'll accept your answer.

Man. They think all hope is lost. But I won't give up. Please, you gotta help me.

Hey. I got the manual, what now?


Now you have to open the cd player, (hopefully the manual shows you how, if not you'll have to work it out) and initially visually inspect the circuit board to see if there are any components that are either burnt, heat stressed or look damaged in any way. Start around the area where the power connects to from the outside.

If you find any components that look or are obviously faulty, note their "designated number" as printed on the circuit board, e.g. C101 or R21 etc (these are examples only and are NOT from your player) and then find them in the parts list in the manual

If in any doubt, do as @oldturkey03 recommends and take close up pictures and post back here and perhaps someone can spot the problem and advise further.

Alternatively do you know anyone who can read circuit diagrams and has a DMM (Digital Multimeter)and some basic tools such as a soldering iron, needle nosed pliers etc? Given that you have the service manual they may be able to help you directly

I live in Argentina. They are no replacements there. So could you help me?



@marsoff besides the excellent answer given by @jayeff I would recommend that you start off by troubleshooting the same way as you would for no power.

Block Image

Block Image

Of course you will need to start disassembling your CD player and take a closer look at the board. I am convinced that you will find some burned component on the power board. It might help if you post some high res images of your board (both sides) with your question. That would enable us to see what you see. Use this guide for that.


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Where did you get that manual?

Ok. I'll show you the problem.

Did you fix this model before?

@marsoff not this particular model but we keep fixing lots of things. You still have not shown us where the damage might be. You will at least have to start taking it apart and post some images so that we can try to help you.

Hello. I have the photo of the bottom of the unit



@marsoff, in case you are unable to repair it, Best Buy still makes CD Players.


This one has 60-second anti-skip buffer.

They have a better model that plays Mp3s burned to CDs as well.


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But does it have the function to play pre-gap hidden tracks?

Very good question. That's what a 14-day return policy is for.

What CDs have pre-gap hidden tracks?

Kylie Minogue's Light Years or Blur's Think Tank for example.

I have Think Tank at my local library. I will go borrow it and let you know.

Ok. Play the first track, then hold the rewind button to see if you hear the hidden track.



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