ASUS Laptop Keyboard Malfunction

My laptop keyboard is acting all weird. Whenever I click t on my keyboard I get 6t and there is more, When I click number 1 I get 12 etc. I have tried resetting my pc , If anyone knows how to fix this it would be great.


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@jayeff Not that I know of its a shared PC.but I realize that then I press the caps lock button it also presses the tab button hope that will help.


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Hi @dylan734 ,

Have you spilled any liquid onto the keyboard?

If not, have you checked that there is not a stuck key (half operated) on the keyboard? Take a close look and also operate each key a couple of times to ensure that they all operate/release correctly. It is a pain I know but it only takes a little bit of time.

Have you checked the keyboard settings in (if Win 10) Settings > Ease of Access > Keyboard, especially 'sticky keys' (If not Win 10 Ease of Access Centre is in Control Panel)?

Plug in a USB keyboard to prove whether the problem is hardware or software related.

I only mention 'software' as 'resetting' means different things to different people. e.g. restoring using a system restore point, re-installing back to initial installation, restoring using a system image etc.

Update (05/01/2017)

Hi @dylan734 ,

Did you try a USB keyboard?

If that works OK then most probably the keyboard in the laptop is faulty. It is easier to replace it than to try and fix it as you can cause more problems than what you had when trying to fix the problem.

Here's a link to a video that shows how to do it.

Just search online for an Asus A45V keyboard to find suppliers of the keyboard.


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Here is an image of what the key layout should look like:

Block Image

If any keys are not in the correct position, pop them up and swap them with the correct place key. If that isn't the problem than try doing a factory reset. And, finally, if that doesn't work swapping the entire keyboard should fix it. Check this link out for some sources of keyboards. Make sure they're for your model.


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@pccheese I know all the keys are in the right order and the factory reset didn't fix it. Should I send to the shop for repairs or buy a air gas can and clean the keyboard?

You can try compressed air, but I don't think it will help. You should really just replace the keyboard if your other options didn't help.

you should do that

he has a good point!!


i need to know to fix a ASUS computer if you drop gas on it. We where on 75 MPH and we crashed and the gas the gas drop down to the computer. that is all i want to know how to fix it.


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