Can you help with cool block on chips?

In another forum a member stated I need to add a coolblock to my mainboard to assist in cooling the mainboard down to prevent the new board from warping due to heat which the original board experienced. Cananyone assist what exactly I need to place above the chip on my mainboard.

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Without knowing the details I couldn't give you a really good answer, however if you good "aluminium heat sink" you might find what you need.

I'll add, however, that if you tv is over heating it might be indicative of a larger, possibly dangerous problem.


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First I have no idea which chip or chips on your logic board are warping your logic board due to heat. Often proper mounting of the logic board as well as improving airflow will reduce if not eliminate warping.

I would first talk with LG to see if they have a retro-fit kit to add additional mounting to reduce the problem. They maybe able to offer some insight on the problem.

If they can't offer you any help, you'll need to do a bit of reverse engineering to figure out what chip/chips are running hot. Then you could try using a Thermo Electric Cooler (TEC). Here's a vid that shows it being used in a PC Peltier / TEC cooling a CPU. A good source for a unit is this one: Photonic

While a good pinpoint non contact thermometer can aim you to the hotter chips you may need more visualization of the cooling effect of the board. This is were a FLIR scope/viewer can help. While these are expensive you should be able to rent one from a good electronics support house.

But sometimes the easiest solution is just dusting out the internals and making sure the vents are not blocked.

In some cases the location of the set can have an impact, like being is a cabinet or not having any space below and above the set for the natural airflow to cool the set.

One approach would be to mount a thermal sensor within the set near the hottest area then build a Raspberry Pi controller to manage a bank of fans which sit on the set top vents to pull the air though the TV. I built one for my stereo cabinet to help keep things cool. The idea is to gently pull the air (not high RPM) as you don't want to hear the fans.

Good Luck!


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The mainboard replacement corrected the issue. There is a thin material that I guess prevents the heat which sits over the chip then a huge heatsink. I am not sure what more that is so thin I can put to prevent this from dying on me this time around.

The material is called thermal paste.

While old thermal paste is less effective in transferring the heat its more to do with the chemistry of the newer pastes being better than the effect of drying out. I would also say some companies use crappy stuff as well (cheap).

If you have a new board I still would review the dust buildup as well as the limits of the boxes cooling (placement). Remember plasma sets put out quite a lot of heat Vs LCD sets.



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