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My Samsung smart tv keeps turning on and off

Help my tv keeps turning on and off theres no damage to it at all

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@ladylou79 start by letting us know what model your TV is. You say it turns "on and off" I assume it turns on then off but stays off. Do you have any blinking code from the front LED's? Can you turn the set immediately back on? What have you tried? We do need more information since anything else at this time will only be a guess.

The only way to get to turn back on is to switch it off at the plug then switch it back on again it lasts for about 5 minutes

Type ps5oc680 model ps5oc680g5k/xxu

The tv is on, turns off by itself then restarts on its own

Mine is doing the same thing. How do I fix it?



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@ladylou79 I looked this up earlier today because my Samsung TV started having problems turning on with the remote. Now for a while I could unplug it then plug it back in and the remote would start it. Now it's doing nothing. Seems like there is a class action law suit on them for this problem.

Samsung power defect causes some TVs to fail, and a class-action suit follows

A defective capacitor in some Samsung LCD, plasma and DLP TVs is causing the sets to fail.

I have not had the time to look up my model yet but it's a distinct possibility.

@oldturkey03 keeps up with this kind of thing and may even know the cap to replace ;-) Let's see if he'll tell us.

I'll update this later as i garner more information.

UPDATE 4/15/17

It has a red light in the lower left hand corner. No power on button. The remote stopped working. For a week or so you could unplug it, then plug it back in and it would turn on with the remote. Now it won't turn on at all. You unplug, the remote will blink the light once and nothing. Opened it up, could not find any noticeable bad caps. All the reports will say is that Samsung sometimes sends a tech out to replace two known undervalued caps. But i can find nothing so far that will tell me which ones. I really don't want to play the game with them and spend hours on the phone just to be treated like I don't know what I'm talking about, then finally have them acquiesce and do something. I'm happy to just spend ten minutes and repair the damned thing. I just want to know what caps need to be replaced before my blood pressure gets over 200 and i blow a cap.

My model # LT28D310NH

Looks like you have to do the dance with Samsung, play the game, let them pretend they don't know the problems, get you to change batteries.

If you persist long enough they may send a tech to change two capacitors.



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You would be able to tell which capacitor is bad by looking at it. Blown caps, 99% of the time, will have a round bulge on the top instead of being flat.

Be very careful though. Capacitors can hold a charge for a long time even after being unplugged. Discharge them by shorting out the 2 pins with a screwdriver with insulated handle.

Also, the voltage value of new cap can be higher, but the uf rating must match the rating of old cap.

It's one of two possible issues for me (could be either/or): See in Video #2: Testing the integrity of the power board with using my voltage meter, ground-to-STBY (standby) pin shows the problem is with the power board. There was my issue, defined. Now to find/test out which capacitor(s) (because they all look OK ) ...or.... the POWER REGULATOR could also cause this condition (the voltage drops away to zero volts from prescribed stby voltage both cases). At least I've isolated the problem to the power board as having the fault....


@ladylou79 ,Lou, Samsung has had a few issue the manual button switch panel, power supply board bad capacitors or main logic board faulty,all of which can cause TV on off issue. See links below to see how to diagnose this issue. Good luck. I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.


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Video #1 showed how to eliminate a possible switch problem. Video#2 showed me how to prove my problem is confined to the power board. Great vids. Thanks


Sounds funny but my 55 inch samsung tv did the same thing i learned from a friend that if you take a small torch lighter or heat gun to the chips on the main board and use foil around them. So you wont damage the board. You press each chip down with the lighter or torch and only torch for 5 to 10 seconds. Let the board cool down and hook back up. I did this and mine has been working for 3 months now. I guess some of the solder came loose cause the tv has no fans to cool down the boards.


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Same thing, came home (My SUHD 65” 8500 model was fine in the morning) went to turn and it hung at the SUHD then off & back on & off & back on. The remote would not do $hit, the manual button the same thing. I went to go out and I unplugged it, came back about 4 to 6 hours later, remote still not working, tried the manual and actually turned on. I have not turned it off since, I think I actually bought the extended warranty with it since I have had bad luck or POOR manufacturing, or engineered obsolesce to sell more TV’s. Started out as an american thing to make more money but I guess it has caught on and they make products engineered to BLOW UP.


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Unplug the wireless adapter. It seems to me the wireless adapter is telling the TV to switch to the smart hub but can't so it cycles on and off


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Did not work. Still cycling on/off about every 3-4 minutes.

Is it in game mode? Just a thought. If its in game mode it will do that.


Not in game mode. Disconnected WiFi adapter. No bad caps. Not power button or Ir board. I guess I’ll try the chips on main logic board. It’s a good thing this TV is heavy as crap. I can skip going to the gym this week.


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